27. 6’2 .214-220lbs

Above pictures are from Last Summer. Took 3 months off for shoulder.
Training since 16-18 seriously 185lbs
Half assish training 19-20
Minimum gym 21-23 245lbs
Back on the wagon 24-27 215-220lbs
Usually cruise around 210lbs
1,800cal. 185pro. 150carbs
Trying to eat more
Edit: Little Leaner Now. Will update with pics this week.

Kinda hard to rate any physique when it’s covered up by a shirt mate, but your arms/shoulders are bigger than a street walker so :man_shrugging: could bring up your forearms

Welcome to the forums, feel free to add more relevant pics when you’re able to for a more honest/accurate assessment.

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I’m confused. These pics are almost a year old? What did you weigh at the time? As @Andrewgen_Receptors mentioned, its hard to give a ton of feedback with the photos. Shoulders seem broad with a tight waist from what we can tell with the shirt on. Shoulders/delt appear to be your best attribute. Is this a pumped/after work out photo? I’m always suspect of that when I see locker room photos. Pumped pics are not good for evaluation.

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At 6’2” I’d be concerned that my legs were way behind my upper body.

Does the OP have anything remotely approaching symmetry?

A small waistline is nice. A weak looking midsection is not.

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Good point. From the side your glutes appear to be lacking. Not like i’m checking out your ass, but for example a well developed lower body would pop from the side. Could be the pose.

Word. I’ll post more today after work. Legs n glutes got bigger

I’ll get them up today. Thx