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27 & 175lbs Training Seriously for 2 Years

Advice welcome please for me to improve,
I been training for many years and always been active from a kid but I started weight training consistently for around 2.5 years, and learnt a lot about nutrition,
I’m on TRT for the past 8 months as I found out I had low free T I think I probably had it all my life as I suffered with bad behavior problems my whole life and had loads of the symptoms,

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I think you’re looking pretty good. I’d probably just get leaner if I were you, can’t see your legs but maybe some more calves and maybe some focus on triceps.

Lats seem to be lacking in the backshots but they really stand out in the front so assuming that is a posing/photo issue.

Thanks for the advice definitely I would like to improve my triceps,
My lats are 1 of my strong points so I think it just the way I pose from the back that don’t show them,
To be honest I would say my legs are a bit behind my upper body, there not terrible but I think they have plenty of room to improve,

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Maybe some more traps would help. Maybe more arm size. I guess those are things almost everybody wants more of though even when well developed.

Yes I agree my traps are a bit lacking I actually don’t even train traps, I few people I follow said don’t get to big traps as it will make you look not as wide, so I kind of kept that in my head,
I definitely want bigger arms though lol never to to big, :wink:

How tall are you? What are YOUR goals. Without knowing that I couldn’t critique. In my personal book of preferences I think your BF is ideal and wouldn’t stress over getting much leaner. Obviously you don’t carry a lot of weight at 175lbs so unless you are super short like me you may want to add some mass but that’s also personal preference. I’m seeing decent biceps but not much tricep. It could be the photos. One of your poses makes lats look absent but other show decent lats. Are you pumped in some and not others?

I’m 179cm wich is 5 11 I think,
You right my biceps are much better and more developed than my triceps,
I would like to be 200lbs with similar body fat level,
My lats are pretty decent it’s the back picture that don’t show them well, from the front you can see them even if I’m just standing with out tensing,
The problem is I struggle to put on weight because my stomach is very sensitive as soon as I start bulking I get digestive issues other wise I would eat 5000cals per day as I have the appetite for it,

That’s going to be hard to do IMO. TRT is going to give you most of the muscle gains in the first six months assuming you diet and train properly which it sounds like you have. 6-12 months are still gaining periods but at a slower rate. Adding 25lbs could be a long term goal as in over the next several years. If you do it quicker than your BF will likely suffer unless you have super great genetics. Try baby steps as each additional lb becomes harder after the first few. 185lbs sounds like a reasonable goal for the next 6-12 months and see how you look/feel when you get there.

Maybe if I do a few little cycles and really try to push the calories I can get somewhere close to 200lbs but of course my body fat will go up a bit,
Thanks for the sensible advice,

I’ve done a few minor to moderate ones and would discourage it. I basically gain some weight but lose it upon ceasing and always end up back at my TRT weight. It ends up being addicting and you’ll eventually have side effects to manage. Good TRT is enough for most but you have to make your own decisions.