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26yo, On TRT About a Year. Help w/ Labs?


Hey Guys,

So last year i was diagnosed, i had 2 tests done, one returned test in the 300s and the other in the 100s.

For the first 9 months or so i was just given 300mg test-c once a week.

After a bit of research here (about 2 months ago), i brought up HCG and AI.

Since then I've been taking 1mg of Ameridex 3x/wk and 25ui HCG EOD. I was experiencing ED, which i really always have. Did some more research on E2 and decided to get it tested. I was prescribed levitra, and it seems to be working, but would like to not have to rely on it. Here are my numbers just before an injection (7 days after my last injection)

Testosterone, Serum : 1262 (348-1197)
Free Test: 31.7 (9.3-26.5)
Estradiol: 7.3 (7.6-42.6)
Prolactin: 10.7 (4.0-15.2
Vitamin D - 24.9 (30-100)


Can you post the ranges for those labs? I'm assuming that these were done at Labcorp, but the ranges would help.

I'd expect your testosterone values to be higher than that on such a massive dose of testosterone. Even so, those are still pretty high for trough values.

Your estradiol is waaaaay too low, and definitely causing your ED. You didn't have the sensitive assay done, and the standard assay overstates estradiol values when dealing with low levels of E2 found in men. I'd expect your sensitive estradiol value to be pretty much undetectable. You need to back waaaay off the Adex. Most guys aim for 20-30 on the sensitive assay.

Did you have your hematocrit or RBCs measured? What about liver values? You're taking a huge dose of testosterone, so you need to look at those values. I'd be shocked if your hematocrit wasn't elevated on this dose. That's a serious problem.


Yes Labcorp, added the ranges in the OP. What would you recommend i change my dosage to? .5mg 3xwk?

Hematocrit: 46.8% (37.5-51)
RBC: 5.28x10E6/UL (4.14-5.80)

What are the liver values? Everything was in range except T(high) and E2(low)


Definitely start supplementing with some vitamin D3. Try 10,000iu/day for a couple of weeks and then back it down to 2,000iu/day from there on out. Retest with your next set of labs and see where that puts you.

Your TRT protocol needs a lot of work. Your testosterone dose is too high. Most guys do well on 1/3rd of that dose, but I wouldn't go cutting your dose by that much just yet. I'd suggest going to 100mg twice per week, or every 3.5 days. That's still on the high side for TRT, but some guys do need that much.

Your Anastrozole dose is also very high. I'd suggest backing it down to .5mg the day after each 100mg injection. Low estradiol will cause many of the same symptoms as low testosterone, and often times they are even worse.

HCG can be dosed many different ways, and very few of them are wrong. Many guys like to inject 250-500iu twice per week. Some do it the day before their testosterone injections, others do it the same day. You'll just have to find what works for you. I do mine on the same day with no issues.

Keep in mind that a TRT protocol may need to be tweaked several times in order to figure out what works best for you. We all respond differently. I'd suggest the above changes and then retest in ~6 weeks.


Thanks, I'll talk to my doctor.
He doesn't allow me to do home injections, however. I have to go to his office once a week to receive my injections. I'll see if he will be open to letting me do one injection at home and coming to see him for the other.


E2 is too low, you will feel better when that is fixed. Cut Arimidex to 1mg/week in divided doses then retest. Low and high E2 can cause libido and sexual performance issues.

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When you inject once a week, levels change a lot and lab values are of limited use.

You have more labs? There is more than T and E2 going on.