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26Y/O. No Sex Drive, Brain Fog, Depression, Weight Gain

Hi guys. Im here because ive been living in hell for the last year or so. I have all the symptoms of LOW t and Ive been tested and my last lab shows 380 ng/dl TT.

I do have facial hair ( kinda patchy)
I have hair on my legs back and chest

I am depressed.

I am an emotional whiny bitch ( cry for no reason)

I feel so un decisive one minute I like something next minute i hate it.

ZERO sex drive, my gf is fed up and it is getting in between our relationship.

I have put on almost 60 lbs of FAT in less than a year 5,7 205 lbs ( i was 150 lbs at 13% BF last year this time)

When we do have sex I find it difficult to ejaculate, sometimes over 30m and only a little tiny load comes out.

I have some labs Ive taken about 3 from 3 different doctors none of which know WTF there doing and its frustrating.

I saw an ENDO he was like 76 and i got a letter in the mail he retired 3 days after seeing me:S - he looked at my most recent lab and saw 380 ng/dl didnt bat an eye said im FINE

After all that I feel its either Genetic ( my dad is kinda fat and no muscle tone at all)

  • also my sex drive has been good at times but even when i was younger i was never able to have sex twice consecutively and I always noticed my other friends being able to fuck all night

or Diet - lately my diet has been shit and some days i might not even eat enough maybe 1 or 2 meals. could it be lack of fats? ( i started eating 3eggs and 3 strip of bacon for breakfast every morning)

  • Never been able to put on muscle. Worked out 6 months with a personal trainer. Lifted heavy and ate a lot - didnt get big at all and still had some fat on love handles

I have no idea what your problem is other than obviously low T. But how did it get so low?

Let’s look at a few things that might be causing your problems.

  1. How many hours of sleep do you get per night? Sleep is powerful when it comes to not only T levels but plenty of other things that are reflective of good health physical as well as emotional.

  2. What is your diet like. I know you said you were not eating enough fat. But what else do you eat? Do you eat junk food? Are you a sugarholic? Post what you eat in a typical day.

  3. I am also wondering what sort of stress you are under? Do you have job stress? I understand that this situation is causing you stress but what else is there that could be causing this situation stress wise?

  4. You mentioned your father has similar T problems. Possibly your only recourse is to get T injections. But of course you can’t do that without seeing a first rate doctor who understands such things and those folks are hard to come by.

I know one thing, we all go through traumatic periods in our life on occasion. When this happens to me I try to remember that first of all nothing lasts forever. In time this problem will pass. An answer will be found so definitely hang in there. And lean on the people in your life who really care. For example, have you actually confided in your girl friend? If you have and she is still "mad’ at you then it seems she really doesn’t care about you but strictly her own needs.

Let me know on the questions above.

Until then like I said …everything passes and this too shall pass!

Dude first off let me thank you so much for replying to my thread. My quality of life right now is so low and Im a mess. It means a lot that someone is willing to help or give me some guidance

1.ive been watching my sleep and few months ago i realized I wasnt getting anywhere near 6hrs of consistent or deep sleep. Ive been keeping an eye on that. I make sure to get enough sleep now (8h).

  1. my diet now is 90% eating out and sometimes what my gf makes. When she cooks its healthy but to be honest my diet is garbage right now. Im eating at regular intervals. sometimes I might only eat 500cals a day and i think most days even if i eat three times i probably dont get more then 1500-1600 cals which i know must be below my maintenance. I weigh 205 lbs w approx 30%BF

around a year ago I had been training very heavily. I wanted to lose weight. At this time I had no idea that I had lowT but sometimes mayb wondered but no real symptoms. I started training martial arts and lost 20-30lbs. Then I started training for a competition.I got down to 150 lbs and 13.7 BF My coach worked me to hard and led to overtraining. I was in the gym doing Muay Thai everyday sparring and also working Out lifting heavy everyday. At this time I was eating very clean by subscribing to a meal prep service that I got 3 meals per day. just 4oz chicken 4oz veg and brown rice. I would also have a oatmeal and protein shake for breakfast.

After the crazy training untill now I have been eating like a pig and YEs a lot of sugar and chocolate at times. But not more then the average chubby guy. I gained 50lbs in like 6 months? Its also true i Havent been working out at all in that time and have a desk job

Now I have a lot of fat in my waist and love handles. Also chest
could that 0-100 and then back to - 0 training regiment and then just overtraining and stopping everything have an effect on my hormones?

  1. Stress im under is not being happy with how I look or can preform. Also I feel crazy anxiety. Im worried that every day is going by and Im still young. Always stressed about money or future. Feel lost and confused about what to do with my life.

  2. Dad has no T issues in his opinion. I suspect he might. I may be wrong but I correlate muscle and deep voice also being lean with a man that has optimal sex hormones.He is overweight and 0 muscle tone. I think he is probably on the lower end of the spectrum. but also his diet is shit and hes older… he does workout though. I started him w a personal trained last year.

My gf is totally supportive. She isnt mad but I know inside it bothers her because she is very horny usually and our sex used to be so amazing. It just isnt the same. Honestly we have sex but my dick just doesnt feel the sensations or something. I dont jerk it watching porn or northing ( hence the low sex drive but even before I wouldnt) given when i was younger yes 2 times a day but not since ive been with her for last 3 years.

the numbers are supposed to be… some how it messed up.

This is one of your major problems. Overconsumption of sugar can leave you in a very depressed state. Simply google “sugar and depression”. Once you study this topic you won’t want to eat anymore sugar. It is your number one enemy.

Another of your problems is NOT training regularly and in a smart fashion. There was a recent study which demonstrated that taking fish oil and exercising regularly (mostly cardio) was as good as an anti-depressant at alleviating depression.

Overtraining can absolutely cause depression. As I said you must exercise intelligently to beat depression. For now you need plenty of cardio on a regular basis. 30 minutes four times a week should do it. Also, on the days you are not doing cardio go for a walk in the sunshine where there are plenty of trees and fresh air. This too helps alleviate depression.

First of all know that there are plenty of people your age that do not know what to do with their lives. So, you are not alone, far from it. The key is enjoying the moment that you are in and not stressing about the next moment, or the moment after that. Do you know what I mean? It’s called living in the moment. We both know eventually that you will be on your way to a better life. But stressing out about it now will only delay that better life. Try focusing on what might enjoy doing for a career. Are you good with people? Are you good with numbers? Are you mechanically inclined? Everyone has something that they can do a bit better than the average person. All you need to do is take a deep breath relax and think about what your natural areas of expertise are and then expand on it.

And speaking about taking deep breaths, I suggest that you begin meditating. You don’t need a teacher (although it would help). In a recent study it was found that doing the following five times helps bring down your anxiety level: breathing in for 4 seconds then holding it for 4 seconds and then releasing it for about 4 seconds. If you do that exercise three or so times throughout the day your anxiety level will be lowered.

Most people don’t realize that simply breathing wrong can cause anxiety. People with anxiety issues “over breath” meaning they take short quick breaths without even realizing it. This can cause mild hyperventilation which means the body has too much oxygen and not enough carbon dioxide. If you perform the breathing exercise above this will help. Also, while you are doing your breathing exercises visualize blue skies, or an ocean scene. Anything that helps you relax.

Also, I would recommend using positive affirmations. Most people think they are positive but about 70% of the public is quite negative. You are no doubt in that group but you don’t have to stay there. It’s time to start thinking positively. Start by writing down some very positive thoughts on a 3x5 card. Things that means something to you. For example, one might say “I am feeling better every day”, or " I relax and take one day at a time." You might even get more specific about a job or career that you want. “I see myself as a success in the field of________ it’s only a matter of time.”

One more important point, I have never once met someone who was depressed yet at the same time grateful for what they do have. Do you know what I mean? A thankful heart cannot be depressed!

Make a list either mentally or on paper/computer of the many things that you are thankful for. It sounds to me like you have a nice girlfriend so start there. There are plenty of guys that would love to have a dedicated girlfriend and they don’t.

What else are you thankful for? If you really think about it there are many things I bet.

Finally, there are foods and nutrients that you can consume daily that will help boost your mood. Things like Vitamin D3, Fish Oil and a strong vitamin B capsule. Also, your gut health is directly related to your mood. Most people don’t understand this but it is a fact. That means that you need to consume foods like kefir and yogurt every day. Along with fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are not eating at least 4 or 5 vegetables per day and an additional 2 or 3 fruits you are not doing all you can to help yourself and improve your mental as well as physical health.

So quick summation:

  1. Stay away from ALL sugar

  2. Get at least 4 days a week of cardio exercise (the weights can come later).

  3. Take walks in the sun near green trees and water if possible

  4. Use the breathing meditative techniques listed above

  5. Stop the negative thinking you are being your own worst enemy. Start using positive affirmations and think positive thoughts. And self assess at the end of the day when you are lying in bed. “Did I help myself today, or hurt myself regarding what I thought, said ate and did?”

One more thing. I don’t know if you believe in God or not but that can be one very powerful source of peace. By praying and letting God do the worrying for you, you are free to enjoy your life!

Take charge of your life chrisa! No one can keep you down but you! And no one can help you up but you!
The good part is you have full control over your life. That doesn’t mean you will always feel great, no one does. But it does mean that the better you get at managing your life and your mood using the ideas above (and others) the better off you will be in the long run.

All The Best My Friend!


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If you are not preparing your own meals, you are most likely iodine deficient even if you have iodized salt in the home. Prepared foods do not have iodized salt and restaurants do not use it.

Low thyroid function can make you fat too.
See last paragraph to check your thyroid function.
Check GF too. She could be iodine deficient too.

Post all of your lab work.

Please read the stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category

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  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

First and foremost, thank you dearly for all the time you put into all of the peoples cases on here @KSman man. If you are willing I would like to pay you for your time.

When I first came here I thought it was all about my low T but thanks to this site and the tests , info and methods I think together we can solve what is going on. from my research so far on here I can conclude that If my T is low It can probably be due to other hormonal systems being imbalanced. I will post my lab results underneath.

I am going to do the oral test tomorrow morning to rule out if my thyroid could be an issue.

Age =26


-brain fog
-excessive weight gain
-super emotional
-very low sex drive
-some type of sexual dysfunction (not good erections, or not being able to ejaculate at all after 30m, or barley any sperm)

  • very LOW (QOL quality of life)

Started really noticing the issue when I noticed that I had no interest in sex and was turning my GF away. Our sex life used to be amazing.

Except for one thing that I wanted to ask you all. See the thing is for me Ive never been able to have sex more then once or at the most twice per day. Never ever one immediately after the other either. Which leads me to believe i always had some degree of lower t. some friends and other women that I trust have told me stories of how they had sex all night long over and over.

Last year this time I was in great shape, best of my life. not much muscle tone (even though I was working out heavy daily and eating) or anything but very lean. I did suffer from overtraining at one point and stopped going to the gym and dieting at once.
I was dieting and eating super clean during this period. getting adequate carbs protein and fat.I was down to 13% BF and 150 lbs. Now im 60 lbs heavier. I hold my weight in my love handles and chest. All my life ive had love handles but specifically there I would always gain weight. noticeably.

I have 3 different sets of different numbers to work with…

here it is in chronological order

I recently went to a GP and my dad recommended him as a good family doctor. He said he was cool and kind of young so I thought he might be progressive or open minded. We are butting heads a bit at the moment as he wont agree my t levels are low because they are in range. He wont do all the Labs i asked him to do ( the ones listed as labs to be done before TRT and he says Ive taken them all already. He did take my ft3 and ft4 since I asked him and brought up the whole thyroid thing. Im waiting on those labs. He did give me a referral to a place called Masters mens clinic Dr. Komer. ive heard other guys on this site speak about from my are. Its a mens clinic. Oh and a Rx for Cialis

I have a few questions.

  1. At which time would be appropriate for each of the necessary tests. Because I havent taken the time into consideration for any of my labs and I have been worried they might not be accurate?

  2. What is a normal level of E2 or is mine high?

  3. Will the Cialis work (or mess me up) as a HPTA restart or should I do one like you have listed?

  4. I do believe I have a starvation diet. I dont cook and just eat out. I miss meals and I dont consume enough food or nutritious food.What are the guidelines of Diet and how much Fat or this or that to be aware of to be healthy and not F#%@ my hormones?

Can you get private bloodwork done?

I could be wrong but perhaps this is a prolactin issue…I have a prolactinoma and one of my main symptoms was poor recovery after sex to go again and also loss of sensation half way through and then regaining it just to finish ( but having to focus mentally on finishing instead of focusing on not blowing like a normal guy )…

Without testing free T, FT, you T status is really unknown. And SHBG not tested. TT may be inflated by elevated SHBG creating more non-bioavailable SHBG+T that reduces FT and inflates TT.

E2 is not bad, but with less T, E2 is more significant.

I have never seen any indication that Masters mens clinic does things properly.

And with low LH/FSH and one should be using FSH as the measure of low, young men should have prolactin tested as a screen for a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma/tumor * . If prolactin is elevated MRI should be used to image. The danger is an adinoma growing large and pressing on the optic nerves. If detected, very well managed by 0.5mg Dostinex/cabergoline - so no need to panic about such possibilities.

* which lowers LH/FSH and thus T

How, I have tested my T and Free T. it should be all there for you to see in my labs i posted?

@KSman What times should I get which blood tests done. I have a req for LH FSH TT PROLACTIN ESTRADIOL AND TSH

i want to take it at the correct time of the day?

When you are awake and preferably not driving.

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Found it all. Your LH/FSH are low, TT and FT are relatively good considering your low LH/FSH. That means that your testes work well and only need a stronger signal from the pituitary.

Need thyroid info and temperatures.
What is your history of [not] using iodized salt. If stopped, when? Fits decline?

Your T is down, but not enough to explain your weight gain. Thyroid can drive fat gain by lowering metabolism and might then also affect LH/FSH, we see some patterns but cause and effect are hard to nail down.

WOuld chronic marijuana use mess up the pituitary @KSman

I’m doing my temp again this am. I didn’t do it good this morning. Plus I’m sick I’ve caught a light virus from my brother. Simple cold and sore throat. Won’t that alter my temps

Allergies are bad right now too.

Body temps this am : 97.3. Hard to get an accurate reading sometimes but I did get one that read 97.3 and this is brand new thermometer. I think its safe to trust the accuracy of it.

will update at 1:00 PM

97.5F this morning

Body Temp = 98.6F @ 5:47 PM


Cialis is not a hormone and has no connection to your HPTA. It only has the effect of improving erections and does not cause or create. Are you confusing with SERM’s?

E2=90 pmol/L
With TRT we have a goal of E2=80pmol/L which seems good for almost all guys. So you are close to target, but with lower T levels, your E2:T ratio becomes a bit adverse and that is part of what you feel. I did point this out earlier in so many words.

Docs like to see T tested in the AM when T levels are higher. If doing any fasting labs, you want to do labs early so you can then eat. AM cortisol if tested, should be done one hour after waking up.

98.6F is good, so you appear to warm up slowly, but are colder in the AM. This is a good result and it should be easier to get right.

TSH=1.6 can be indicating a small problem, but small changes in thyroid function can have a large impact in temperatures, energy and QOL, at least for some people.

Please note that I was already asking about your iodine intake, and GF’s as well as body temperatures. Body temps can be more indicative than TSH.