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265kg Bench Press @ 82,25kg Bodyweight (IPF Comp.)


About me:

- Activity: Powerlifting
- Weight class: -83kg
- Sex: Male
- Age: 32

Personal records:

- Squat:
225 raw competition

- Bench press:
265 equipped competition
200kg raw training

- Deadlift:
270kg raw competition

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200kg raw

16x150kg raw

10x166kg raw

261,5kg equipped comp.


Very nice lifts! Keep it up.


You've benched 150 x2 raw and only put up 177.5kg in a shirt?? Sort that out.

My best raw press is 140 2x2 and I've done 190 in competition.

What sort of shirt are you using?? And how often do you use it??

Are you doing much lockout work??

2x bodyweight raw as a junior's pretty sick.


Thank you very much! I always try to improve myself on every workout session, and I will, some day, bench at least 200kg with a shirt!

Well, the main reason why I dont bench a whole lot more with shirt is that my technique isnt very good. I do alot of lockout-training, but a have a problem when it comes to legdrive and using the whole body when lifting. I just press with my upper body...

I do use an Titan Fury size 40 at the moment, but I probably will try an Inzer Rage X or a Metal King after the Junior Nationals (in november). Thing is; I should bench more with the shirt to improve my technique and I will because my goal is at least 181,5kg in november!

Again, sorry about my english, but I hope you understand what I`m trying to describe. :slight_smile:


what's your workout look like?


Well, at the moment I use a Frode Rui-program that will end on the same weekend as the Jr. Nationals. The main thing about this program is that the pauses between the sets is set every time. That means that you should lift as heavy as you can, but you should be able to do the same reps and kg every set.


Bench press 6 set 3 rep 3. min pause between sets.

This means that I should try to use the same amount of weights in all six sets, but it also means that the weights might be different on the various days because of the shape I`m in. When the it says 3. min pause, this does include the workperiod. So, if I use 30second pr set my actual pause is 2min 30sek.

I hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:

Nb! Frode Rui is a well-known Norwegian powerlifting who competes in the IPF.


thank you KimG.


A friend of mine posted this video some time ago. This is from my first powerlifting competition.

No problem. :slight_smile:


20 september 2008

- Squat:
2x120kg 2x140kg 2x160kg (kneewraps)

- Squat fully equipped:
2x195kg 2x205kg 2x220kg 2x205kg

- Bench press with stop:
120kg 1x130kg

- Bench press with shirt:
3x150 to board 2x150 2x150kg 2x160kg

Comment: I put on my own suit and kneewraps, but still managed a double with 220kg, which is pretty satisfying. My bench wasn`t top notch, but way better than last time.


22 september 2008

-Squat with kneewraps and 3min pause:
3x5 med 160kg 2x5 med 150kg

- Bench press with 2min pause:
8x3 with 110kg

- Shoulderexercises:

Comment: The squat was all to heavy, but the bench press was ok. An ok workout after all...


25 september 2008

- Deadlift from 5cm block and 2min pause:
6x3 with 160kg

- Squat with stop in bottom position and 2min pause:
6x3 with 130kg

- Facepulls:


29 september 2008

- Bench press with stop 5cm from chest and 3min pause:
2x5 w/120kg 3x5 w/115kg and 2x5 w/110kg

- Deadlift with start 10cm under knees and 3min pause:
2x5 w/170kg and 3x5 with 160kg

- Static hold with 200kg:
Approx. 28,5sec...


29 september 2008

- Squat with kneewraps and 3min pause:
5x4 with 170kg

- Bench press with 2min pause:
9x2 with 120kg

- Facepulls:

Comment: An ok workout, but my bench press form is quite bad at the moment...


When you say 2-3min pause, do you mean hold bar on chest for that long? or lockout position? bit confused here.



Ah, I use the word "pause" for the rest period between the sets. Actually, I start my set when the clock says ex. 15.15 and if I do have 3min pause I start my second set 15.18. In reality, I might just have 2min 3sek pause if I use 30sec to perform a set.

Again; sorry about my english skills. I haven`t had english in school for some years now...


1 october 2008

- Deadlift standing on 5cm block and 2min pause:
7x2 with 180kg

- Bench press with 8cm board and 2min pause:
7x4 with 125kg

- Chins with 20kg:

Comment: The deadlift was ok and the bench press was easy, but due to the fact that I haven`t had alot of energy lately I had a relatively "light-weight" workout today.


18 october 2008

"Syd-Norsk" (Lifters from the southern Norway-comp.)

1. 220kg
2. 230kg
3. did not lift

Bench press:
2. did not lift
3. 181,5kg (not approved 2-1)

Deadlift (raw):
1. 220kg
2. 235kg
3. 245kg

Comment: My bw. this day was 73,7kg and I did raise my personal records in squat and deadlift, but the bench press wasnt very good. 181,5kg would have been a new Jr. national record, but Ill have it next time!


15 november 2008

Jr. Nationals Powerlifting

1. 225kg
2. 240kg
3. 245kg

Bench press:
1. 160kg
2. 170kg
3. 181,5 (failed...)

1. 230kg
2. 240kg
3. 252,5kg (failed...)

Comment: I believe I could have lifted 250, maybe 255 in squat, 175kg in the bench press and 260-265kg in the deadlift, but what do you think after watching the video?

Please rate and leave a comment...


25 november 2008

Yesterday I easily aschieved 15 repetitions with 100kg in the bench press, which is the same as I did a year ago. Thing is that I havent tried max reps with 100kg for a long, long time, but I think its possible to hit 20+ reps once my form is slightly better. Could`ve done 16-18 yesterday, but gotta try a max-effert soon...


New version of the lifts done by me at the Jr. nationals - much better quality.