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$264 BIllion City



Spanning 80 square kilometres, its designers claim the 8City project would be the largest single tourism plan in the world. Thatâ??s if they can manage to pull it off.
It would include a â??megastripâ?? which, at 200 metres high, 880m wide and 3.3 kilometres long, would be the worldâ??s largest single architectural unit.
An â??inner circleâ?? would also be built, comprising of a tubular 14-kilometre building.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/travel/world/thats-outrageous-plan-for-264b-mega-city/story-e6frfqai-1226512233665#ixzz2BXZItubY


I'd be happy to visit just so long as they built it on rock and roll, like all good cities should be.




What's going to be in the huge cock building? Massage parlors?


"I want something like this in the US though, we don't have anything close"
"That's because we don't need to trick people into visiting our country"


I love innovative ideas like this. As much as I would like to see something like this in the US, I would much rather see the cost of solar panels come down and see them installed on every roof in the country. Fuck the electric company and their bills. Oh yeah and save the environment too.


There is a thing within the construction industry.

And that is to play down the dreams of architects until it is actually built. This shit seems out of this world but it is Korea.


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Yeah, why is it that some of the prettiest states have the most annoying people?


If you like 9+ months of nonstop drizzle and only seeing the sun once every few weeks until the month and a half it stays during summer, then yeah, Oregon is beautiful.


You are from Indiana, what is your excuse?


I don't know about being a granola but I do enjoy the outdoors and think we have a responsibility to keep our environment as clean as possible. I figure you of all people would share that notion being from Montana.


I was born in Montana :slight_smile:


Oregon has everything. We have desert, the ocean, and snow all most all year round on Mt Hood. Yes it does rain a lot here in Portland but I love it. I've been to Texas and while the people are nice it's dry and dirty as all hell.


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Whoa calm down. Okay first of all my first statement about solar panels is what I feel. It's not because I'm a granola. I like technology and innovation. I feel that if there is a better way to do something we should do it that way.

My second comment was obviously a failed attempt at humor/sarcasm. I'm not opposed to the electric company but I will say that if there is a way to pay them less I will. I like to save money and if I can do it by helping keeping things a little cleaner even better. I'm about as far from a granola as you are going to get. I enjoy hunting, fishing, guns, and my ten years of military service. I understand the demographic is high here but we aren't all that way.


A few solar panels to trickle charge some deep cycle batteries, with a cutover to wall power when the charge drops too low, should be enough to power most of the electronics in your house.

Oil lamps can work for lighting, but they're messy and sooty and it's still low quality indoor air; don't recommend that. You're better off just using windows and natural daylight patterns. Good architecture helps here.

Heating and cooling can really only be improved with better architectural design to take advantage of natural outdoor temperature cycles and the patterns of wind/airflow. Also, of course, via clothing choices; wool (in all forms) is one of my preferred materials. ECWCS Gen 3 stuff works well too. Polypro is a cool material.

Cooking can be done on rocket stoves on a balcony or patio. Cheap to operate, and actually have pretty precise temperature control. Pretty easy to make. Design was invented in Oregon.

If you're really trying to stretch things, the two-canteen system for bathing works fine; heat the water on a rocket stove. Use soap in one with a towel/washcloth, use the other for rinsing.

I think that covers most everything. I spent some time intentionally living without power this year, just trying to figure out how comfortably it could be done. Everything but bathing was a pretty seamless transition.


Don't let Push get to you Apollo...the butthurt after last night is strong.

And can we keep politics in the basement?

I could see Vegas turning into something like that.



I MIGHT be going to Dubai in March, after spending some time in Egypt. I'm really wondering if it lives up to the hype.

I really like the idea of "futuristic" city design; I just hope they actually plan around real-world use cases, and the planning enables organic urban development. I would hate to see a city that looks really good, but doesn't actually "work" for the people living there.

That's probably my biggest concern with grand plans like this one.


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