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260lbs Calorie Intake Advice?

Hello everyone I decided to ask for help/opinions about my transformation process.

I am 23 years old, 5 ft 7 (172cm) and 260lbs (120kg), lifting 3-4x a week, hitting 10k+ steps every day, what would you recommend, is eating 2100 calories too aggressive or should I drop below 2k? I wanna get in healthy body fat range as soon as possible.

Macros are : Protein: 170-180g
Fats: 65g
Carbs: 200g

My diet is 95% based on “clean” foods with only some sweet snacks up to 200cal like ice cream bar, I don’t expect miracles over night I just wanna improve my physique in next 100 days, p.s I’m pretty much new to lifting so I still haven’t used my “newbie gains”, I just wanna know how low can I go with calories to not sacrifice too much of a muscle loss and should I maybe increase my daily steps up to 15-20k?


You are 5’7" and new to lifting (which implies you have an average amount of muscle). Thus, a healthy weight for you would be ~150, 160# max. So you have 100# to lose to ‘get in a healthy bodyfat range.’

People who have 100# to lose need to have a ‘slow and steady’ mindset, not an ‘as soon as possible’ one. IMO, your diet is way too aggressive, for multiple reasons. I would suggest starting at a daily caloric intake of 12 cals/lb/d, so roughly 3100 cals/d. Keep your steps at 10K.



Appreciate the feedback bro. You understood me wrong or I said it in the wrong way, what I meant by saying “asap” is there is no need to be in only 500 calorie deficit for people that are 25+% bodyfat, as Eric Helms said people with higher bodyfats should always go for a higher calorie deficit (1000+) and they should aim for 2lbs+ drops per week. What I meant with “improving physique in 100 days” is that I wanna look better than I do today not that I wanna be shredded at 10% because thats obviously unrealistic.

slow and steady. You don’t want to yo yo. And cutting calories is a slippery slope. Slowly drop calories until you plateau. Then drop again. Understand, your body will get accustomed to the deficit and slow your metabolism.

If you put in the work and effort…

You will get there before you know it… But you won’t know when you get there… Because there doesn’t exist. -OH 2021

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Thank you for the info! So you guys think I should start with around 3k calorie intake and from there decrease calories/increase activity?

Yes. Start at 3K cals and 10K steps, and ride it as far as it takes you. When you stall, cut cals another 300 or so; keep steps at 10K. Lather, rinse, repeat. When you’re down to 2K or so (and you stall), that’s when you start adding steps instead of cutting cals further.


cut this out(all sugary crap) completely until the weight is right down. -among other things you prob need to bring your insulin waaay down. If have to snack/cheat do it with pretty much anything else -nuts, extra fruit, slice of pizza, chips even

As others said small deficit so can train very hard

Run through T Nation templates with plenty of metabolic work like these…