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26 YO Male. Freaking Out Over Blood Test Results


So some background: Starting in July/August this year I ran a 6 week PH cycle of DMZ and 11x (this is the first PH cycle I've ran after several years or so). I then ran Nolva at 40/40/20/20. A few weeks after the Nolva I ran an OTC estrogen blocker called Eradicate by BlackStone Labs, which contains an AI known as Arimistane. I ran this for about 4 weeks.

The only bloodwork I had prior to this cycle was in April 2015. My results were as follows:

Total Test: 679 ng/dL (348-1197)
Free Test: 26.4 pg/mL (9.3-26.5)
Estradiol: 18.2 pg/mL (7.6-42.6)

I went to the doctor in the beginning of October to get some bloodwork done and this doctor was being a total bitch and wouldn't let me get a full panel done, only testosterone (she said "I don't understand why you want to get your estrogen levels checked"). Anywho, the results showed Total Testosterone at 803 ng/dL and free test at 23.4 pg/mL. Keep in mind I was still on Eradicate at this point, which is why I think my total testosterone was higher than my previous blood work results.

Anyway, last week I went to an actual lab to get some bloodwork because I realized I hate dealing with incompetent doctors. I just got my results today:

Total Test: 529 ng/dL
Free test: 78.1 (range between 35- 155 pg/mL)
Estradiol: 40 pg/mL (men should have levels equal or less than 29 pg/mL)

As you can see my total and free test dropped significantly, and my estradiol is high. It's been a couple months since I've ended the Nolva and I've been off Eradicate for a couple of weeks as well.

I'm freaking out here. Should I do another PCT? Do nothing and wait another month and get some more bloodwork? I'm thinking the least I could do is get on some DIM to hopefully lower my estrogen levels a little.

Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can give me


Actually, I'm not entirely sure on the estradiol thing now. The lab I went to is "Any Lab Test Now" and their website says "men should have levels lower or equal to 29mL". But on the lab results itself, is says the high range for men is 56 pg/mL. Can anyone clarify if this means I have high estrogen or not?


Lab ranges vary. You need to be near E2=22pg/ml.

Try liquid 1mg/week Arimidex/anastrozole in divided EOD doses.
Note how you feel, should be different in 5-7 days.
May need smaller dose.

As E2 falls:

  • LH/FSH should increase
  • TT and FT should increase
  • SHBG should drop
  • FT % should increase

Get some knowledge:

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Thanks man.

Another forum said I was overthinking everything and recommended that I take another PCT of nolva + clomid if I felt like it was really necessary, so I ordered some. Will their method work or should I just take the arimidex? Or can I take all of them together?


Read the HPTA restart sticky. Do not stack Nolva+Clomid. The biggest mistake is too high a dose of SERMs.

Suggest anastrozole only as suggested above and see how you respond.

Read the stickies.


Thanks man, I'll read those.

Last question, but what are your thoughts on taking Arimistane instead of Arimidex? I already have some arimistane on hand...


Dumb question but I just want to be sure…

Do I take the arimidex until I feel better (say 7-10 days) then stop?

Also, I realize I’m probably not supposed to talk about sources here, but can anyone confirm if sarmsx is a good one? That’s where I ordered from


I would recommend tapering off the anastazol over two weeks so your E2 doesn’t spike up again.

Check out the sticky on HPTA restart HPTA Restart for TRT w/Application to Gear & PCT