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26 YO, 6'5


I'm not expecting a good rating or anything, but this seems to be the best place to post pics and get advice. I weighed about 250 lbs late last year, started getting serious about working out in January and got down to about 215. My last body fat measurement was about 13%.

I've started focusing on my lifting more the last couple months and have been using Power Training, by Robert Dos Remedios. It seems to follow the basic principles of what's stickied in the beginner forum. I do a three day a week full body routine. I've put on about five pounds, I think mostly muscle, although I'd still like to cut some more to around 10% before I really start trying to add mass.

This doesn't matter too much at this point, because I definitely want to add some bulk, but my goal is more in athletics than bodybuilding, so I'm not looking to get as huge as most guys here.

Anyway, here are the pics. Apologies for the crappy quality/angle. First up, the before:


Double bicep


From the back


And a crappy legs pic.

To clarify, the advice I'm looking for is what I should be doing to cut 8-10 lbs at my height/weight/bf.


Well what is your current diet like?
Edit: Do you do cardio at all?

Wrist curls-


I don't think you should cut any more weight, you look good in that department man. Time put some mass on.


Yeap. Time to put on some serious mass. And gj on the weight loss bud.


congrats on the transformation...shows people they can change, and in only a couple months!


Wow, great job. Now admit it, you've been more successful with the ladies, haven't you?

As said, time to eat up and put some mass on.


My diet has been pretty inconsistent, and I know that's what I really need to focus on. I'd guess 2500-3000 cals a day. More on lifting days, less otherwise, but it also gets thrown off by drinking and barbecues. I've been cutting back on the drinking, though.

I was doing a lot of 3-6 mile runs before, but since I'm getting back into sports and not as focused on weight loss I've been doing more sprints, stairs, plyos, and jump roping. I'd say 3 or 4 days a week on average.

The stats are tough because I've been focused more on just making progress and haven't really done any 1 RM, but I'll give it a shot.

Bench: haven't done a 1RM in quite awhile but I'd guess I'm up to around 225 based on the progress I've made.

Squat: no clue on my max, and it's probably low because of my long legs, but in my last workout phase I was doing 4x10 at 175 lbs.

Deadlift: I've done 315 and could probably have gone higher if I'd really been trying to max out.


Indeed. I didn't do terrible before, but I'm definitely getting more attention now.

And thanks, guys. I know I've done fairly well, but it's nice to get congrats from people who take this stuff pretty seriously. :slightly_smiling:


This is what is stopping you from reaching your goals. Tighten your nutrition down and you'll see results more than you have previously.


I have to echo the support. you've done really well so far. Keep it up!