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26 Years Old, Low Test High Estradiol


Hello everyone,

My libido has been always a bit low and I decided to hava an analysis. I am 26 years old, 5’ 11 and 185 pounds. I am quite fit since I can bench press 320 pounds, deadlift almost 500 pounds and squat 400 pounds.

My body fat is also low and I dont feel weak while I train, although sometimes I feel tired (I always though It was due to my work plus the gym). I dont smoke and I dont drink.

The analysis came back with the following results:

FSH Basal: 4.12 mUI/ml (normal range between 1.4-18.1)

LH Basal : 1.59 mUI/ml (normal range 1.5-9.3)

Prolactin: 6.14 ng/ml (normal range 2.00-17.00)

Estrogens/ gestagens/ androgens 79,37 pg/ ml (normal range up to 62.00) :frowning:

Progesterone 0.46 ng/ml (normal range up to 0.6)

Testosterone 569.10 ng/dl (normal range 241.00-827.00)

Free testosterone 9.05 pg/ml (normal range between 8.9 y 42.5) :frowning:

TSH Basal 1.571 mcUI/ml (normal range 0.30-5.00)

PSA: 0.19 ng/ml (normal range 0.00-4.00)

Full analysis: https://es.scribd.com/document/349082721/analisis

As you can see, my free testosterone is low and my estradiol is very high. My ferritin levels are also low, but my glucose and colesterol are fine. One doctor recomended TRT, other told me to wait and repeat the analysis in a month, which is what I am going to do.

What worries me the most is the libido…I have a girldfriend and sometimes I find it hard to get erections during sex. Since the analysis things are getting worse worse, and I also think that my mind is playing a role here. The more I think about it, the hardest it gets.

I would apreciate if you can help me here, since I dont know what should I do.


Total test doesnt even seem that bad to be honest but since FT is soo low maybe you have super high SHBG or something is causing you to aromataze alot of your T into E…

Also such low LH maybe indicates secondary hypogonadism… you could probably benefit of a clomid type restart + an AI.

KSman will be able to point you in the right direction but I dont think you should jump on TRT just yet until you explore the problem and find the cause


Thanks a lot for your reply. I also attached the full analysis to the OP. I will try to get a test of my SHBG and I will also try to find out why my LH is so low. I also must be carefull with my hematocrits, since they are very high and testosterone may raise them even further.

I did not drink anything befoire the anaklysis, so that could be the reason.

Thanks a lot and I will post the new results as soon as I have them!