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26 Y/O Hormonal Imbalance


What kind of bizzare symptoms are you having ? I haven’t experienced any pain so not sure if it was worth intervention again. Where are you based ? I can try and find a name of a doctor who can perform a removal of the coils for you. Spiriulina is good to remove metal toxins from the body of that is a concern.



A whole range. You name it really. Ongoing low grade pain (back, groin, hip), bad bowel, alcohol intolerance, rashes, memory probs, fatigue etc. Been a crazy 12 months. I reckon its probably a reaction to the materials more than anything.

Thanks for the tips and offer of help. I’m based in aus. Teeing up some meetings with some urologists to see if they can help.

Yeah i hear it’s a relatively decent surg to get them out so if not causing any issues might be safer not to stir the hornets nest.