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26 Y/O, Blood Results. Thoughts?

About Me:

26, 6’2 190
Played soccer non-stop for 20 years.
I do not do any type of protein supplements
Walk 3 miles a day
Do body weight exercises and free weight exercises 3 times a week.

In the past 3 years, my sex drive has gone away, I started to develop gynecomastia (lactation) in the left Pec years ago, doctor brushed it off and told me id be fine. Now in the last year, the right pec has started to develop gynecomastia.

These are my lab results:


|Component| Your Value| Standard Range|

|Total Testosterone-Adult Males |262.2 ng/dL| 249 - 836 ng/dL|

|Sex Hormone Bind Globulin |17.06 nmol/L| 10 - 80 nmol/L|

|Free Testosterone-Adult Male |70.66 pg/mL| 47 - 244 pg/mL|

|% Free Testosterone-Adult Male |2.7 %|


Your Value| Standard Range|

9.9 ng/mL 3.7 - 17.9 ng/mL

Lutenizing Hormone

Your Value| Standard Range|

(LH) 7.5 m(iU)/mL 1.7 - 11.2 m(iU)/mL

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH reflex FT4)

Your Value| Standard Range|

1.350 m(iU)/mL 0.470 - 4.680 m(iU)/mL

Without sounding like that dude, i used to crave sex, think about it constantly. Where i am at now, sexual im the equivalent to a eunuch. The Gyno is stressing me out as well. My doctor says my T levels are normal and not low and says that my symptoms are nothing to be worried about. That its just me getting older…

I’ve noticed a considerable change in my gym life as well, little to no gains. I fatigue hard, and its gotten to that point of “if i hit the gym, im done for the day” i have no energy.

About the only thing i do thats not healthy, is i dont get a lot of veggies at most ill do a kale spinach smoothie once or twice a week. I dont smoke i dont drink at all.

I just want to know why my sex drive is gone, im growing breasts, my energy levels suck. I just want to hear some fresh opinions, maybe im overreacting or just crazy and oversharing.

Getting older, your 26 years old! You need to ditch the bitch doctor! Obviously your lower than most 60 year olds. guys come in here in the 400 range with your symptoms. Any doctor that looks at labs and says you’re fine is an idiot, he’s completely ignoring your symptoms and doesn’t have critical thinking therefore he can’t figure it out. If you start losing 1% of your testosterone after the age of 30 years, you’re screwed (dead) by the time you hit 60.

With LH at normal high end, i suspect you are primary. Maybe worth it to get a testicular ultrasound with doppler. Your lactating and dr. isnot concerned. wow. def look for a new dr. Your t is very low esp for your age. Dont worry you will get horny again! It was depressing to me to, I was either having sex 2-3 a week and masturbating almost everyday. Then I could not even masturbate without losing my erection.

I’m right there with you, anymore if I have sex or masturbate I’m done, like done for a good week or more. Like I’m used to a 30minute to an hour grace period not a damn week. I’m new to all the lingo what does primary mean? Also my estrogen levels are with in normal range as well. Could have my T at this level and my estrogen at normal levels cause the side effects. I have an appointment with an endo but it’s in February