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26 Y/O Attempting Clomid Restart

Hello guys,

Currently seeing a urologist after confirming low T. No prior anabolic other than two pins of test e at 250 and then flaking out about 3 years ago. Libido has been declining over this year so went to get checked.

Here are the results:
Total T: 246 Low ng/dl 264-916
E2: 13.6 pg/ml 13-17.7
LH: 1.4 Low mIU/ml 1.7-8.6
FSH: 2.0 mIU/ml 1.5-12.4
TSH: 1.36 uIU/ml .45 - 4.5
Prolactin: 4.7 ng/ml 4.0-15.2

Urologist is putting me on Clomid 25mg a day.

I tested 3 days after taking Clomid and results are as follows:

I am currently two weeks in on 25mg ED
My question is this:

On my next test does ordering E2 or E2 sensitive matter while taking Clomid and should I order SHBG as well?
Has anyone had success tapering off eventually?
And my dosing seems high, but of course I am not a urologist.

I exercise regularly and with compound movements. My diet is very solid, I have also been supplementing with boron, cal mag, Vit d, and zinc. Anything else I should consider doing?

You can try, you will loose nothing long term from trying. All you can risk are short term side effects from clomid. Although I would advise you to cut that dose in half and then start take it EOD(12.5)

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This being a restart, the dose is conservative if anything. 3 days in was too early for bloods, but it wasn’t getting it done yet at that point. You should definitely measure E2, it was quite low, you need to know if it’s coming up into a healthy range. If not, you need to find out why not.

Does clomid interfere at all with E2 testing and would E2 sensitive make more sense? Or does it not matter?

It does not interfere with it, it should give you elevate E2 if anything. Sensitive wouldn’t hurt.

His E2 should raise together with the testosterone from clomid


Can one restart with just clomid?

Yes, depending on what’s wrong of course. Nolvadex is the preferred drug for that though.

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Isn’t C part estrogen?

Are you on any kind of diet? Any trauma to
Brain or the testicles? What type of worm do you do. Do you live by any plants. What medicines are you taking. For someone this young to just drop in T is very odd without any idea as to why.

You do realize you can be totally honest with us. If you took anything tell us.we don’t judge. There might be better answers for you.

Otherwise it’s very odd to see you drop so low without any external variables at all.

Restart only works if you have been taking AAS and going back to natural. It does not increase total t - free t, e2 and etc

The majority of testosterone is bound to SHBG (Total T) and the free portion of testosterone is low and is why estrogen is low. If you were to increase the clomid dosage, TT would increase and FT decrease and estrogen decrease lower.

Clomid increases SHBG, your doctor probably knows this and is why he didn’t bother testing it.

The great majority of men will see levels return to baseline, successful restarts that hold after discontinuing clomid are rare and almost unheard of around these TRT boards. In the 3 years I’ve been a member on two different forums only a handful of guys have had any success after discontinuing clomid, but it’s safe to assume not all men revisit the forums to tell their tale of a successful restart.

In terms of diet I have kept it balanced and tried to increase fats though in hopes to help with test production. I am 185lbs and 5ft10, my strength and libido has gone down but I couldn’t figure out why. This also seems to coincide with the time I got a labrum tear. The physician I went to seemed confident that once I get sleep taken care of that the Clomid could help me get to a normal place and then sustain after.

Like I said the only thing I took about 3 years ago was two pins of test and a little dbol before flaking out on that. There was no shutdown and my testicles have remained full throughout. Other than that I did take animal M stak a few times which was listed as non hormonal (test booster not a pro hormone)

Im leaning maybe towards the fact that I may be stressed out and my girlfriend has sleep apnea which had been waking me up in the night?

Since starting Clomid I have tried to get a full nights sleep going by sleeping in a different room. Perhaps once the sleep is rangled in the T may be able to sustain itself?

Also to everyone. Just had blood drawn this would be the two week mark at 25mg ED.
Will post results when they arrive. I took:

E2 sensitive
Free & Total

You girlfriend better get that sleep apnea treated or her hormone production will decline along with her health. Her brain is starving for oxygen while sleeping and overtime it will degrade her health.

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He mentioned two shots of Test. It might be concern that he did some damage with that, not that it’s likely.
I’ve read a few times that Clomid is part estrogen, but I haven’t seen that anywhere clinical or medical, just in posts. It probably has some chemical property that mimics E2 to bind the molecule or something.

I agree. She is very stubborn when it comes to the cpap and the fact that “she feels fine”.

Also would boron, magnesium,calcium, vitamin D, and zinc have any affect on my SHBG I have been taking all of those except for boron which I have just started on.

Your thoughts on what I’m attempting so far would be appreciated.

No, not likely. And CPAPs suck. I’ve had one for close to 5 years and have yet to get a decent night’s sleep using it, in spite of how “perfect” the numbers are with my settings.

I heard Crissler talking about the Chlmoid and how its half estrogen a few times so ill take his word for it yes.

I must be brain dead today I just saw it thanks. read the other posts and then commented and that highlights how great my short term memory is today.

Why do they suck?

If I was you I would get the sleep figured out. go get earplugs, make sure no light hits the room, try some melatonin , magnesium glycerinate and maybe some gab and ashwadanga before bed. make sure you are sleeping well. recovering well.

Im curious why no HCG? I would go read posts on the Pharma group to see how guys over there have done it because they are the gurus of PCT and we are the gurus of TRT. although its obvious we dont mind trying, I just think you might find more answers there because the experience is vastly different.