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26 Male-My Story TRT and Need Opinions

Good morning everyone, I do not want to make too long and boring of a post but at this point after my last endocrinologist visit I am looking for advise. Without going into too much detail, I’ve had a less than fulfilling life and never had the drive the my peers had. Doctors immediately diagnosed me with Depression, but I always knew that was not the issue. Finally, last year I went and had my T-Levels checked and though I do not remember the exact numbers the General Doctor determined I had normal-borderline T levels and placed me on 200 mg test cypionate shots every two weeks. I was finally able to get off all of the medications that had made me feel like a zombie and finally was starting to feel “NORMAL”. It may sound corny, but I began to enjoy the little things in life had energy and a new-found life. He checked my levels ever so often and when my levels reached around 800 he took my off Testosterone and told me to come back in two months to get re-checked. After the two months, besides feeling like my old self and having little to no energy or drive for anything including a sexual life, the doctor found that my levels were now lower than when I had first started TRT and recommended me to an endocrinologist. The endo took more in depth details and the results can be seen in the attachments below, but in summary he said my Total test was fine however my Free test was borderline. He also mentioned that FSH/LH were borderline low and recommended an MRI to ensure there was nothing wrong with my Pituitary gland. Well, the MRI came up clean and he said that there is nothing he can do at this point because of my age, whereas if I was 40-50 he would put me back on bi-weekly shots no questions asked. I am beyond the point of frustration after knowing how effective the injections were after 6 months and I am now looking for any other explanations/solutions/recommendations to get my life back in order like I was when my levels were at a higher range. I really appreciate any advice as well as any suggestions. I am no Doctor but I have read time and time again that at my levels the normal male would feel like crap as I do. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and provide assistance and opinions on the matter at hand.


Please see below for complete lab results

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Cholesterol is too low. 180 is ideal. Cholesterol is the foundation for all of the steroid hormones.

Study this and explore its links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steroid_hormone