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26, Low T Symptoms


Hi my names Shaun, I am from the UK.

Currently 168lbs

A few pointers about myself.

Was a very happy young adult, girlfriend, group of awesome friends, a physical job with all sorts going on to pass the day nice and quickly, had a good.social life.
Loved ice hockey, and eating out.
Was weighing 180lbs from the ages of 18-23 and was happy about the way I looked.

Last year

Energy levels started to drop, lack of interest for the girl I loved, didn’t want to get out of bed to go to work, stopped eating out, physically felt like I didn’t want to go ice hockey anymore which I did every week for years and loved it, started to get irritated at my friends and work myself up over nothing. Libido has decreased, constantly tired, weight increased to 231lbs at 38% bodyfat and felt so bad about myself.

Last 6 months.

Hooked the balls to get up and go to the gym for the first time I felt needed in my life, I lost 77lbs in 5 months and I felt awesome at the time of watching the scale decrease, pretty much the thing that kept me going. My diet consist of 2100 calories and burning 1000 off every single day at the gym without fail, hit a plateu of 154lb. I was supplementing with protein, amino acids, creatine. 154lbs at 14% bodyfat.


Energy levels have dropped signicantly, waking up a lot through the night, starting to put weight back on around my abdominal area, my legs and arms remain quite skinny. headaches, and very tired in the mornings after 4 hours or 10 hours of sleep. gave the gym a miss for 2 weeks and are still just as tired as I were when I were 231lbs. libido is still as bad as it has been, isn’t the worst but never get spontaneous erections nor morning wood.

My assumption is the only time im willing to do anything is when im really hyper, or excited, once I lose the excitement of doing something all willingness goes out the window as if I hate the matter, also notic3ed amino acids was giving me a really good boost in energy.

I have blood results I had done in December 2016 which were all clear, apart from the problem I had, the tests were for everyday blood count and nothing hormonal. (Will upload shortly.)

the doctor finally agreed to send me in for test, thyroid and hormone panels. awaiting results. I will attach any results I have currently once I find out how. :slight_smile:


Here are the original blood count I had done. Waiting for hormonal, and thyroid test results.


Can’t speak to your labs, but sounds like your body has been through a lot.

Congrats on dropping a ton of weight, you should be very proud. However, assuming you were working out at net 1,100 calorie diet you were probably in a 1,000+ calorie deficit during your cut. This would most likely have stripped your body of lean muscle mass (skinny arms and legs), killed your metabolism (tired, fat), and has most likely lead to the negative impacts you’re currently experiencing. Long story short, eat, rest, and let your body recoup.

Of course your labs will tell you a lot, but it sounds more like fatigue from working your butt off (literally) than potential low T.

Hope you figure it out, and feel better soon.


Thanks you for taking the time to read my story, and the congratulations on losing a lot of weight, very grateful.

Yes I was in a big deficit, training very hard to lose as much as I could I’m short time so I could move on to training hard to pack on the muscle but that hasn’t been the case for the past 2 months. Just seem to be putting on bad weight as apposed to good with good diet and training routine.

The one other embarrassing factor I am experiencing is watery semen, and not very much of it at that which is a concern and also a reason I decided to go for the hormone testing as well as lack of body hair and patchy, and acne on my back which comes and goes when it feels like it, probably due to the amount of sweat I produce naturally without an elevated heart rate. Thyroid testing is taking place also.

Been resting for the past 2 weeks with 1 gym day a week, normal work days but doing less deliberately to try and contain energy and no change in energy or sleep as it stands.

Hoping to get my result back In the following 3/4 days.



Your natural metabolic rate and energy levels is now very low and you only get out of that briefly with adrenalin. Same at the gym. This is very hard on the adrenals and can be a downward spiral. Starvation diets are also harmful.

ALT/AST can easily be up via training and sore muscles.

Energy can be down from:

  1. Low-T test TT, FT, bio-T, SHBG, some typically not available in UK
  2. Low thyroid function: see last paragraph in this post, iodine deficiency is often a cause
  3. Low Cortisol: Get ‘AM Cortisol’ test and do at 8AM or 1 hour after waking up.

Please report your long term history of using iodized salt, which is not widely available there. Any vitamins listing iodine and selenium? Do you consume eggs and dairy products? Sea food?

Avoid dehydration. Do not do any lab work dehydrated.

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

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Thanks for all the replies. All came back with in range of the UK spec. My testosterone serum came back at 10.1nmol/l which converts to 288ng/dl. According to the ranges, that normal it must be below 230ng/dl for me to be considered low t. I’m 26 years old and I completely disagree with the range. Will be booking a point with my gp for further conversation. Will upload blood results shortly.


I also recentl purchased ionised salt and will be using it from now on although thyroid is OK as of. Thanks


Where is your Free Testosterone? If it’s low then your considered low t, there are two ways one would be consider below range, if eight FT or TT are low you should qualify for treatment. If things don’t improve it shouldn’t be long before you dip below range. That’s way too low for a 26 year old, can’t imagine where you’ll be in 10-20 years!


They didn’t test me for free t, fsh, lh, will be posting results soon as I’m not home till another 3 hours. The range is 8-27nmol/l and mine was at 8.40am and came back at 10.1. Which I notice is considerably less than the average 80 year old. So annoyed.



It’s quite clear whoever ordered the blood tests has absolutely no idea what they are doing and have no business treating anything related to testosterone! I’ll bet your FT is low with a low TT range of 288 ng/dL, don’t give up just because of one dumb doctor.


Thanks and I will not be giving up. I’m reluctant to have a national health service so I’ll be going back over and over until hes had enough of seeing me.to a point they’ll do the tests I want doing. My FSH is looking fine at 2 nmol/l so I’m happy to accept I’m looking.toeards hypogonadism. I have all the symptoms. The reason I went last year was due to bones clicking and being very weak, lost.my weight expecting to be healthy again and I feel…worse now than before.


Been to my gp for a follow up of my blood results. As per he said 10.1nmol/l for a 26 year old was in range. I asked him if I could take a 9am sample and he went through my symptoms and he’s referred me to Queens medical center where I’ll be seeing an endocrinologist


What are peopled thoughts of me being 26 with testosterone level of 10.1nmol / 291ng/dl?

Got a phone call explaining from the endocrinologist that they cannot see me till my gp has carried out the correct blood work, booked in for a blood test tomorrow morning which I will reviewed results 4 days after, then maybe the endocrinologist will then see me. Doctor refused to do fsh and lh levels when I had asked, be interested to see what tests the endocrinologist are requiring, let’s hope it’s all the right ones that way I might have a chance of them being skilled with testosterone.



At your age you T should be more than double what it is, avoid injection protocols beyond once a week and if doctor suggests different, he may not be capable of helping you. Also resist creams and underarm treatments.


Please fix lab reports so readable.


The only issue with my problem is I’m under the NHS and i keep seeing people being offered a 12 week injection such as nebido and sustanon 250 once every 3/4 weeks which I can see myself being under. Hoping for good blood tests tomorrow. I will take note of what levels the endo is requiring and post back. As for results they’ll be back next week.


I would be happy just been able to read the labs that you have that are improperly oriented.


The reason I haven’t elaborated on the results is because they’re really pointless. He only carried only liver and kidney function which came back in the middle of range, and glucose which came back fine. Litterally testosterone 10.1nmol (range 8-27nmol/l) is the only thing worth reading. He had to carry out a full hormone panel on me tomorrow which I will clean up and post properly in hope you will have something to say on those. Cheers


Success. The endo requested these levels before they see me. LH, FSH, SHBG, TEST, not sure what tesosterone level it was as I missed the last bit. Onwards and upwards. Will report back with results around Tuesday.