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26 low T, normal e2, high prolactin, primary hypo?

White male, 6’3" 190lbs, 8.5% bodyfat, I’ve done 2 cycles and a few sarms. I hit the gym 4-5x a week and get a solid 4-5miles of cardio everyday. My diet is unwieldy but I estimate a macro split of 40p/40c/20f. I drink a fuckton of caffeinated beverages: up to 3 bangs a day and a coffee or two so pretty close to a gram a day.

It has been a solid year since I’ve done a cycle (of which I follow proper PCT) and I was prompted to get bloods by newly sensitive nips. I’ve never done tren/deca/npp.

My results were striking to me:

  • Testosterone serum - 409 ng/dL
  • Free Testosterone - 5.81 ng/dL
  • Estradiol - 18.9 pg/mL
  • FSH - 2.0 mIU/mL
  • LH - 6.2 mIU/mL
  • TSH - 2.35 uIU/mL
  • SHBG - 55.6 nmol/L
  • Prolactin - 29.4 ng/mL
  • BUN - 23 mg/dL

My T is woeful, the prolactin is about 2x the high range, my TSH is high, the SHBG is way high, my BUN indicates my kidneys are overworked… and while my LH is high, the FSH is low.

I did have what I thought was residual estrogen gyno from my cycle which I have been treating with Raloxifene for the last 6 months–but now that I see that my e2 is not so high, I wonder if it’s just the prolactin.

2 years ago my natural total t was ~800… so It’s looking like the fast track to TRT.

I’m wondering what my recourse is and why the prolactin would be so high. I’ve scheduled an appointment with my GP early next week and will try and get an early visit with an endo.

I can’t explain why SHBG is high, could be genetics, calorie restriction or something you are eating. Your LH is high and is the appropriate response from your pituitary gland, however it’s not appropriately enough.

I strongly believe you have damaged your leydig cells in the testicles, it is why LH is better than midrange and may be why testosterone isn’t. There isn’t much testosterone being produced for the levels of LH making its way to the testicles.

If prolactin is high, no ranges to bare witness to how high, little high may not be a problem, very high another story.

TSH is fine, thyroid hormone is not known.

I’m not sure the GP or endo will be of much help, you’ll probably get quacked as neither doctor specializes in this area of medicine. Endo’s are more into thyroid disorders and diabetes.

What you need is a hormone specialists that specializes in this area of medicine, that would be in anti-aging or sports medicine. Be prepared to pay out of pocket, insurance may cover some or all of the lab testing.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look around for a sports medicine practitioner and see about my thyroid hormone