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26, Low T - Natural Aromatase Inhibitors


I suffered from low T probably all of my teenage years because I had the symptoms and felt painful brains, and nipples. I had cysts all over my left testicle and I was on narcotics due to a sever autoimmune disease causing me pain since childhood.

When I first was tested my free testosterone was under 150. My bioavailable levels were the lowest the doctor had seen in a guy my age.

I was diagnosed with hypogonadism and given three 5 gram packages of Testosterone USP 1% daily.

I was on this for a couple months and I was told to get a blood tests before I saw him next, and I did. Here are the numbers I can remember. They may be off by a small amount.

Free Testosterone: 2600+

Bioavailable Testosterone 66, and the highest level of normal on the computer was 15.5 or something. So I had multiple times the high dose testosterone.

How could it have been that high just from 1$ USP testosterone androgel or whatever. I've heard it's weak and stuff but it didn't seem to be based on my experience.

HE actually has changed me to AndroDerm 23.4mg patch by Palladin Labs in Canada. So i he to take 2 patches daily. Hopefully my levels will be more controlled and more stable.

How can i prevent this from turning to Estrogen naturally. I dont want man boobs :frowning: and my doctors are not open minded and will not listen to suggestions from a 26 yar old no matter how much i know.


You should have it tested first to see where it's at. E2 tests are pretty inexpensive, even if your doc won't order it. Taking zinc is probably a good idea in general. I would do that before getting tested. After that you could try DIM, Chrysin with piperine, or boron.

If you want/need anastrosel without a prescription, you can get it. Look for liquidex. If it's way of wack, you are probably going to need to get this one way or another.