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26, Considering TRT, had Blood Test, Need Guidance

I want to know if you guys think TRT is the right place for me to be looking, or if it’s too drastic for my problems. Physical symptoms first : I’m 26, 6 foot tall, 190 pounds. My father and I started going to the gym together to lift about 6 months ago, we go 3 times a week. We weren’t really getting very good results, I gained 10 pounds of muscle (from 70 to 80 pounds of skeletal muscle) and also gained 10% body fat. (From 18% to 28%) I thought this was pretty weird, because I haven’t really changed the way I eat, and I’ve always in the past maintained the same weight without any problems.

Recently my dad started TRT, and it seems to be doing good things for him, physically and mentally. I had a blood test done thinking maybe it ran in the family, and I had a total T of 341 ng/dl (reference of 348-1197) and a free T (direct) 11.0 pg/ml (reference of 9.3-26.5) which seem like pretty low numbers, and they’re suspiciously similar to my fathers numbers. I know that’s probably not enough information, but I’m just looking for some input here. Mental symptoms: I’ve always been pretty lethargic, which is something my ADHD medication helps me with. (That’s the only drug I take regularly) I’ve always slept weird when it’s possible to do so, I tend to sometimes sleep during the day, sometimes during the night, I have no real schedule to speak of, so that doesn’t get in the way of anything but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I have a normal libido, and no problems with sexual performance, so I’m not sure how well I fit the profile, but it appeals to me because of the potential physical benefits and mental energy. Let me know what you guys think, thanks.

This is a tough one because you are so young, and it doesn’t sound like you have many symptoms. Albeit, your total T is clinically low. You probably want to read the stickies and get a more comprehensive blood test. Once you’ve done that, post the results here, and we’ll have a better idea of what’s going on with you. There could be other underlying causes such as a thyroid problem.

Buddy, your 26 years old you suffer of no low T symptoms which mean so much more then numbers do… your looking to gain muscle… don’t look into TRT, TRT is a life time thing… you want some muscles and some size? Change your diet… push more. Work out more… he’ll take one cycle… but don’t go into TRT justness because you feel you can gain some mass… down the line you’ll regret it… if your feeling fine and everything is fine forget the low t number you got. If you have enough energy to do your daily life and don’t suffer… then why would you wana take medication for the rest of your life

You need this lab work, come back and post with the lab ranges:

At your age, you need to do some diagnostics to try to find the cause, hopefully something that can be fixed.

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