26/225lbs/6'2'' - Training for First Comp

26 years old

I’m going to be trying my first competition one year from now in June. Right now I’m dieting down to see what my body looks like. Trying to get down around 10% before I start bulking in Sept. Please don’t comment on the posing because I know it sucks. I haven’t practiced it at all yet. I pretty much know that I need to bring up my calves hammies and lats. Any other experienced feedback would be appreciated. Also if you could tell me some ways that you brought up your lagging muscles that would be appreciated as well.

Diet isn’t anything crazy right now. I was on a carb cycling diet and it was ok but I’ve decided to just keep macros about the same every day. I try and eat around 300 grams protein a day, 100 grams of fat, and around 150-200 grams of carbs mostly around the workout. I’m pretty lucky and can get away with a few cheat meals a week if I eat clean the rest of the time.

I’m just starting the DC training program. So far I love it. It’s way different than how I’ve lifted in the past so I can tell I’m getting great results.

First two photos were me at around 240lbs before I started to diet down.

Front lat at 225lbs

Front lat spread now 225lbs

Rear bi

Rear lat spread



For those of who want to follow me I will continue posted through the year till the competition.

Also I didn’t include above but I’ve been training on off for 5 years, then the last 3 years I’ve been extremely serious, but only up till the last year or so have I wanted to do a bodybuilding competition. That’s why my legs are smaller and not where I want them because I didn’t focus on them before.

Relaxed back

You look pretty thick dude. Good luck with your prep.

Back is a strong bodypart for you…

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Front lat spread now 225lbs[/quote]

Well done on getting that pose to look good. I had my first posing lesson today and simply could NOT get the front lat spread.


Was definitely not expecting any compliments on my posing but thank you. I haven’t had any lessons yet but plan on going to seminars. If you know of any good sites or videos that help, you should send them this way.

hamstrings and calves need a lot work.
3x20reps stiff leg deadlift.
start with 60kg and add 2.5kg every session.
when you get to 140kg you will have awesome hamstrings.

I can do that weight for 20 no problem and my hamstrings suck… OP back looks great.

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I can do that weight for 20 no problem and my hamstrings suck…[/quote]
then keep going heavier…

Well like I said I just started the DC training program and so far I love it. I have squats, leg press, deadlifts, rear lunges, hamstring curls, glute bridges, side lunges, and good mornings. Those are split between two leg days a week. If anyone has any other good exercises for hammies let me know.

I haven’t posted on this thread for a long time but I just started my contest prep a week ago and will be providing more info now. I don’t think I made and drastic improvements since my last pics but here are my updated ones. I’m sitting about 230 now. I’m going to a posing seminar this weekend and then I’ll have almost 17 weeks to prepare so no need to critique on the posing.

Front pose


Defiantly get to that posing class, it helped me a ton to have an instructor. Also, I agree with the folks regarding your glutes/hams/calves. Otherwise your upper body looks good so far.