25yrs Old, Low Test Symptoms, 'Normal' Labs

hi there everyone, been reading TN since i was 18 or so and been working out since i was 15, 10 yrs last year.

starting to think about really getting into TRT, since my endo prescribed me half sust250mg every 14 days (i could go 0,25ml=1/4*250mg twice a week with the meds) but i have not taken any, i just buy then and stash then, since its a controlled med down here, annoying to get the prescription, etc etc, much like in the US, i presume.
got a source for HCG (just got 2 5000ui vials for really cheap)

i live in brazil, rio, sunny weather all year long, try to go to the beach every weekend, when the weather is good, but been battling some very nasty symptoms since i was on my teens. (probably not lacking any sunlight / vit D)

i’ve being experiencing low libido since i can remember, years ago (used to be a horny kid, early teen and had a really nice time with my gf (talking about libido) in the first few months we started dating, alst year).

cycled a couple of times, did a shitty PCT most of the times, mostly with nolvadex at the time. never used HCG or clomid, but already used femara (think i overdosed it) which crashed BAD my E2 and got me really rock bottom depressed / numb / libidoless, but solved my post cycle gyno.

last cycle was last year, did var and cyp for 8wks and PCT with nolva and femara.
started feeling crappy after this last one, probably because of nolva, which makes me really depressed.
suffer(ed) from depression and anxiety, some OCD recently, before starting a new SSRI (zoloft) recently.

decent results in the gym (ectomorph) but my libido still stinks, fatique sometimes.
light/moderate sleep apnea. no need for those CPAP machines (my doctors say).
i may be going through another nose surgery to solve the apnea.

-age 25
-height 6’1
-waist 85cm
-weight 86kg
-bf +/- @ 8% (pollock 7 spots method)
-describe body and facial hair: medium body hair on chest and abs , none at back (thank God), . facial hair does not grow in fully however, some “bald spots”, i dont have that chuck norris facial hair.

-describe where you carry fat and how changed: lower stomach, nipples

-health conditions, symptoms [history]: low libido, weak orgasm, PE, depression, anxiety

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever: SSRI’s from 19-25, accutane at age 16 and 18, prozac 21-22, ritalin 22-24, paroxetin 22-23 , tried to use wellbutrin but gave me bad OCD, so i switched to sertraline (zoloft) 75mg/ed / 24-25yr

-describe diet: diet currently on point, i only count PTN intake, something around 200g/day and probably eating between 3k and 4kcal/day, try to get lots of olive oil, orange triad multi vit and 1g vit c everyday.

-describe training: HST MWF lifting split, 2-3 days low/medium intensity cardio

-testes ache, ever, with a fever?: not that I can think of, dont remember an of those, ever.

-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed: I have gotten morning wood every now and then, but just one “nocturnal emmissions” this year, used to have then frequently years ago, but had zero last year.

latest labs
EDIT: (thanks KSman)

PSA: 0,65 ng/mL - Valores de Referencia: 40 a 49 anos - ate 2,5 ng/mL

FSH: 3,4 mUi/ml - Masculino - 1,5 a 12,4 mUI/mL

LH: 3,2 mUi/ml - Masculino - 1,7 a 8,6 mUI/mL

TT: 671 ng/dl - Masculino - 220 a 819 ng/dL

FT: 575 pmol/L - Masculino - 131 a 640 pmol/L.

Bio T: 374/ng/dL - Masculino - 140 a 400 ng/dL

DHT:822 PG/Ml - Masculino - 250 a 2000 pg/mL

shbg 29 NMOL/l - Masculino - 16 a 76 nmol/L

PROLACTINa: 7,6 ng/mL - Masculino - 2,0 a 15,2 ng/mL

FERRITINA: 76,9 ng/mL - homens (men) - 24 a 336 ng/mL

ACIDO FOLICO: 17,77 ng/mL - Normal - Acima de (> than) 2,3 ng/mL

CORTISOL - 8h: 4,4 mcg/dL (done bw @ 10am, woke up at 6am)
Valores de referencia: 07 as 09 h - 5,0 a 25,0 mcg/dL
(reference values)

VITAMINA B12: 375 pg/mL - Valores de Referencia: 180 a 914 pg/mL

SULFATO DE DEHIDROEPIANDROSTERONA: 231 mcg/dL (sorry, dont know how to translate this)
25 a 34 anos (years) - 99.0 a 449.0 mcg/dL

TSH: 1,66 mcUI/mL - Adultos (adults) - 0,3 a 5,0 mcUI/mL

T3 TOTAL: 108 ng/dL - Adulto - 70 a 210 ng/dL

T4 total: 6,8 mcg/dL - Adultos - 4,5 a 12,5 mcg/dL

25-HIDROXI VITAMINA D: 57,8 ng/mL - Suficiencia (sufficiency) - 30 a 100 ng/mL

T3 REVERSO: pending… (out this week)

glucose: 87mg/dL - Referencia (reference) : 70 a 99 mg/dL

lipids: my shitty lab changed my password without telling me, so ill just have those tomorrow.

the only thing i haven’t done is taking my temperature twice a day as KSMAN says.

sorry for the language!

thinking about https://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_senior/trt_perfect_labs_and_still_no_libido_

edit: id really appreciate any input of you guys!


edit2: edited all the thread, thanks, sorry for the spelling, im working right now, trader @ prop trading desk, market hours, GMT-3 here!

Use the [edit] in the corner of your post above and add the lab ranges data.

Cholesterol data? glucose?

my last BW before those above, done/took in january, this same year.
(incomplete, i know, but thats what i have in hand today)
will get the other lab (changed labs this year) results so i can post my most recent lipid results.

edit: the ONLY difference i made during this time, jan - feb , was starting to IF, 16h fasting and 8h feeding window, martin b. style. already done that before, last year, with excellent results, but without any BW (was on winny + prop at the time)

drink LOTS of coffee all day long.

just took my temp, @ 08:55 , 36,3 degrees C = 96,8 F
(mercury thermometer @ mouth)

I get 32 + 36,3C * 9F/5C = 97.3F
You have to avoid drinking, eating, talking etc for 15-30 minutes to get a good temp reading.

T3 and T4 are significantly below mid range. Keep checking body temperatures.

Lots of coffee and cortisol low: Do you have times during the day where you have low energy or would crash without caffeine?

Your T is not bad and FT, bio-T are OK too. Yes, could be better.

You need to consider thyroid, iodine deficiency or adrenal fatigue as possible problems.

Wondering if cholesterol is low.

sorry, did use an google calculator for the different temperature measures, should have used the one i was taught in school! my bad!

yes, i did that, i did not talk, drink or anything, i was driving and as soon as i got here to my office, i took the temp.

will get another one this afternoon, while working here, sitting on my desk.

yes, indeed, they could be better, but my first bw exam, years ago when i was 21yr or so gave me “only” 700… but thats a very small population for me to jump into any conclusions, right? n=1.

indeed, i am considering these, was reading today about adrenal fatigue, searched the forums and read some articles about it, i do relate to some of the symptoms.
as for iodine, dont know, will have to test about that, because i do get a lot of salt in my food (hypertension alert!) and the majority of our salt here in brazil gets iodine added. (dont know if that would be enough, would have to test).

and yes KsMan, i would crash without my mega dose of daily caffeine, drink lots of cups during market hours, 8h-18h.

ps: started taking D-A-Acid today, 3g, lets see if i few any better next week, as long as my estradiol keeps in pace with T. will also take ZMA before bad,

got last years lipid profile, done in November. (most recent)

2nd part

Edit: 2009/01
Had just finished my first “cycle”. Var only about 50mg/day for 8 wks
That should explain the wacked lipid values on the graph

2nd temp reading, 15’ without speaking, eating, drinking whatsoever.
last time i ate was 14h
took temp @ 16:31, 36.7C or 98.06F

[quote]KSman wrote:

Lots of coffee and cortisol low: Do you have times during the day where you have low energy or would crash without caffeine?


feeling that kind of “really low energy” now… 18h here and the last time i drank coffee today was at 13h.


Is there some kind of low rev t3 that can cause issues?
My values are reeeeaaally low and out of the “reference range” that that lab uses

Any ideas, anyone?

Been studying ks mans thyreoid basics topic, lots of valuable into! Thanks ksman!


96.8f mid morning temp
Forgot to take ir before getting out of bed earlier tday

36.5c 1500h temp, 97.7F

Maybe just depression?

Hey thanks for taking the time to answer

Maybe… But then again, im currently taking 100mg/day of sertraline, “zoloft”, and that “cured” mu anxiety and sadness. SSRIs are well know for their libido sides… Am i in an infinite loop, where my libido loss was caused by depression and now by the same drugs that helped to cure it in the first place?
Or is my depression , libido and anxiety all sides from a broken thyroid?

I just wanna be able to get the boy up when thinking about or seeing girls i find hot! That shouldnt be a problem for any man out there, right?

Update: stopped with DAA on day 2, until i fix this thyroid thing ill try to isolate the variables.

im afrer some NOW nutrition thyroid supplement here in Brazil which i was told by some bb friends, (broscience?)
Ill try to get me feeling better before i start tweaking with different variables in the system (test/e2,etc), otherwise, i will not know what fixed te problem…


[quote]KaKa wrote:
… before starting a new SSRI (zoloft) recently.

SSRIs are notorious for f*cking up libido. Are you still taking it, and how was libido before taking it compared to currently?

Im still taking it. I think i noticed the loss even before starting it, but it did decrease after i started the med.
I started taking ir after the 2nd month with the same girl, my current gf, but i had already noticed the loss of libido wirh her.