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25yo, Low T, Have Bloods, Need Advice

Hi I’m 25yo male living in Perth Australia. When I was a kid I used to have trouble with my testicles ascending and requiring surgery to put them back in the sack and ended up losing one in the process. However back then doctors said it won’t effect me much and fertility should be fine. I’ve been working out at the gym for the past 2 years and eating reasonably healthy.

I’m 6’2 and 93kg (204pounds) I’ve managed to put on abit of muscle and tone up around the arms and upper torso but have big love handles and pretty flat chest. I’ve had a low libido for a while and energy levels aswell as my cardiovascular have never been that good. Any who due to me not getting the results I expected I thought I might go see my GP about low testosterone. My GP got these bloods tests done and here are the results.

Date drawn 26/8/2014
Cholesterol - 5.1 nmol/L (<5.5). Triglyceride. - 1.8 mol/L (<1.5)
HDL - 1.4 nmol/L. (>1.0). LDL. - 2.9. Nmol/L. (<3.5)
Coronary risk ratio 3.6. (<5.0)

Iron - 16 umol/L. (9-30). Transferrin - 3.1. (1.9-3.7)
Transferrin Sat. - 0.21 (0.20-0.50). Ferritin - 176 ug/L (30-500)

Testosterone. - 10.3. Nmol/L (8.0-27.8). Free testo 0.347. Nmol/L. (0.091-0.579)
SHBG. - 9.0 nmol/L. (10-70)

My liver function test was good and my glucose while fasting was 5.2nmol/L. (2.5-5.4)

My Doctor said my levels where fine and left it at that. After looking into it myself a little more I realised that those levels are not fine and I wasn’t happy staying at those levels. So I went back to my go saying is there anything I can do to increase my testosterone levels and he prescribed my 250mg sustanon one shot every three weeks. So I had the shot and kept researching online.

After a couple of days my body COMPLETELY CRASHED. I had no energy, no focus, no libido and I couldn’t keep and erection. So the missus definitely wasn’t happy. I was angry so I went to my local chemist and did a search on local doctors that are more informed about low testosterone. My new GP doctor told me not to take sustanon anymore and to draw more bloods. Here are my new blood test results taken 7days after a shot of sustanon.

Blood drawn 8-9-2014
FSH. - 3u/l. (2-12). LH - 2u/l. (2-9)
Oestradiol - 90pmol/l. (28-156). LH/FSH ratio 0.67

Testosterone 14.6 nmol/L. (8-27.9). SHBG. 9 nmol/l. (18-54)
Free androgen index. 162 (38.7-91.7). DHEA-s. 14.6 umol/L (4.34-12.2)
Androstenedione 8.5 (2.1-10.8). Free testo. 525.8. (243-571)
Cortisol 215nmol. (171-536)
Growth hormone. 0.04 NG/ml (0.00-2.47)
TSH. 0.59 mu/l. (0.5-5.0)
Free T3. 5.0. (3.2-6.4) Free T4 17. (11-21)

So does anyone know from looking at this blood work why my body crashed after a shot of testosterone. My body recovered after around 7-10 days and feel back to normal. And is there any recommendations of what steps I should take to improve my health. I want to get in shape and be fit with a good sex life as I’m getting married in November. My new doctor gets back from his holiday 30-9-14 and I’ll speak to him then about the new blood work I would just like to be a little more informed for when I see him.

Any information you guys can offer is much appreciated and if there are anything I need else to check just let me know. I’ve been reading heaps on this forum and it’s helping me a lot. I’ve started a file with my blood work and printed off the stickies from this site. And typing this on an ipad sucked haha

Many thanks

Growth hormone. 0.04 NG/ml (0.00-2.47)
This suggests a deficiency. However, GH is released in pulses and has a very short half life, so GH labs are not very useful. IGF1 lab numbers are a better indicator of GH status than GH lab results.

Similar: FSH is a better indicator of LH status than LH itself.

Your estradiol [E2] is elevated from the T injection. Your labs were done too soon. LH/FSH labs also are suspect.

Someone else here recently posted a story very much like your experience.

You are young and your low-T needs to be regarded as a symptom and you need to find the root cause. Get prolactin tested. If prolactin is not elevated, TRT seems appropriate for you, otherwise there are other things that can be done.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky.

Your fT3 and fT4 seem good. TSH is oddly low. If your body temperatures are OK, that would be good. Please read the thyroid basics sticky for more info on body temperatures. Is your thyroid enlarged, asymmetrical or lumpy? Looking to rule out a small degree of hyperthyroidism.

Ask to self inject testosterone ethanate 50mg twice per week. You need steady hormone levels as demonstrated by 250mg sustanon.

You are young and need to preserve you fertility. Your options are low dose hCG injections or low dose SERM.

Your options there can be very limited.

Thanks for your quick response. I’ll start recording my temperatures and I have done a quick self exam On my thyroid from what I can understand off YouTube. But on the 30th when my doctor returns I will get him to check properly. I didn’t feel any lumps on my thyroid however it did appear to be on the enlarged size in my opinion. I’m allways warm blooded though the missus loves to use me as a heater in bed haha. I rarely get sick, so my immune is pretty good. After reading on here I realised that T-replacement will affect my fertility so I paid $675 to have them tested and frozen. I have a low sperm count and IVF will be required but should be ok to have kids :smiley:
Prolactin level - 107miu/L. (86-324)
I’m still trying to figure out exactly what having a low SHBG and a high DHEAs levels mean. Apart from giving me nice free T levels.
Many thanks

Been checking my temperature daily and averages around low 35’C in the mornings and mid 36’C in the afternoon so thats good. Went to the doctor again to discuss previous bloodwork and he has prescribed me testosterone compound cream made by my local chemist at 20mg a day. After a month going to do another blood test. Not to sure what to think at the moment. The cream sounds easy to apply daily instead of regular injections but im sick of feeling like shit and just want it all sorted. I think the reason i crashed from the shot of T was that my body turned to much into eastrogen which made me feel like shit. Any advice is appreciated

Typically one absorbs 10% of transdermal T. You will get 2mg when you need 7-10

Normal body temp is 98.6F - 37C
35C and 36C are not good