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25th anniversary of Reagan's Iran-Contra Scandal



Lets secretly sell US weapons to Iranian terrorists (violating a weapons embargo), then take that money and give it to Nicaraguan rebels (even though Congress specifically ruled against authorizing that funding... the Boland Ammendment). Constitution, smontstitution. Laws are for other people.



Let's close all the steel mills create the largest area of welfare collecting recipients in America


Steel mills closed due to competition, didn't they?


There was an Iranian version?




True , though unfair :slight_smile:


It is not just the unfair competition placed on the Steel industry, it is the devastation created by a not so bright President. WE are still paying for his blunder


Kinda......the mills that produced that steel were subsidised by the governments in those countries. Like we do with corn. If you pay people to produce things at less than cost, it's easy to put others out of business. There is very little commercial corn produced anywhere but in the US. There is no large scale global 'Free Market' competition taking place, managed economies are at work. By the 1980s the US steel industry had suffered decades of mis-management and was weak and vulnerable.


You forget that importing (especially heavy things) from a great distance with language and customs barriers is a huge disadvantage.


I worked at a mill during the the end of Cater and the beginning of Reagan's Reign.that was not long after the Cuyahoga river caught fire , The really clamped down on the enviromental discharges of the Mills , especially water and air. It cost big money to run those air scrubbers .

We were also competing with countries that were paying pennies a week for labor. By American standards (FREE) labor.


Soo.. the "EPA" killed the steel industry?


No , Ronald Reagan killed the steel industry, I personally would not want to live in a Country that had no environmental regulations


But you just said that those regulations are at least part of what made the industry not competitive.


You have to think out side the box , it is not the problem it is the solution . Steel is a (VERY) DIRTY industry. It not only pollutes the local environment it has far reaching effects . If we have to compete with people that have no inclination to protect the environment than we should penalize them with a tariff.


So should domestic companies be penalized for not having the same transportation costs?


Not so much.....I have worked in heavy-manufacturing my whole life. I handle importing many tons of materials annually from foriegn countries. There are rarely any problems. The more you are moving the cheaper per unit to do so. The additional cost is usually insignificant.


I can't go along with a tariff for envirionmental reasons, just can't get there. There does have to be some method for dealing with products from industries that receive subsidies.


Tariffs are nothing but a way to level playing fields ,exploiting cheaper labor is not good for America , exploiting our environment is not either


I can tell you first hand America has many costs associated with transportation that third world countries do not . I doubt that loading steel on a rickety old boat and dumping it in some port is all that expensive


lol. So, we should probably raise the taxes on all the competitors of goodwill because they use a less productive labor force. And raise taxes on southern car manufactures. Hell, why not just level it all and have the government make everyone the same?

Raise taxes on ford because they have the unfair advantage of better management.

Differences in the "playing field" are what make all business succeed or fail. To level the field would be to make it where no business failed. Then we could all be poor and destitute together.