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25mgs 5 Week Winstrol Only Cycle


Hey I'm planning on running a short 25 mg Winstrol only cycle for 5 weeks.

I am 20 years old, and a former All American wrestler. I felt that I have always looked really good with a shirt on but when I take it off my muscle isn't hard, and I don't look good. The lower half of my body has never looked good even when I was down below 10% body fat during midseason. I would guess that I have a little less than 15 % body fat now.

My goal is to looked ripped, have a six pack of abs, and gain some muscle and strength. I want the results to look almost unnoticable while wearing a shirt, but noticable without one.

Is this a good supplement/steroid to take for my goal and what side effects should I expect?


this should be good.


Started "Winny" in his 20's.


Is there anything I should take along with this, should I take test boosters after the cycle?

Will I get side effects such as acne on my back or face from from doing such a small dose like this?



Coulda swore there was a steroid forum somewhere..


How about doing research first. Look at its anabolic to androgenic ratio. Test booster? please leave now and delte this thread.



What the holy dog fuck....

Dude 25mg of winni will do jack shit for you especially over 4-5 except possibly shut you down ( which I hope happens to any one who runs a fuckkng oral only cycle) Winni . You wanna look like you have muscle when you take your shirt off.... Have you ever tried lifting... With like a barbell and stuff...

How about cleaning up your diet... Please leave this board and go to the beginners section and start a thread entitled " Hey I have no fucking clue what I am doing and a nice gy named Reed said I should post her before I fuck my self up" You will then get good advice that you should... But, probably won't follow... Then in 6 weeks you will post in the steroids section about how you messed tour self up some how because you never heard of a PCT ( Only assuming considering you asked if you should take a test booster.... what the fuck do you think steroids do)


This sounds perfect. You should do this exactly as you've written.

The only changes I'd make include growing up, doing some research, and possibly putting some actual work. Other than that, perfect.



why does every one wants to make fun of the little guy?? (maybe hes not little lol nway )
help the poor guy. instead of bashing him.. wasnt we all a noob before with stupid questions??

nway.. im no expert.. just been researching since i was 18 now im 24 and did my first REAL cycle now
dude read more listen more i was a hard headed before and did what u just said.. what i gained? nothing lol..

wait 4 more years. u have plenty more room to grow natural
eat right.. train right


Thank you for those who were being respectful.

I have been working out my entire life, and have been fortunate enough to work out with some of the best body builders in the world.

In my opinion, I know as much as anyone about working out and nutrition. However, I know nothing about supplements/steroids and have been doing some research but I wanted some of your opinions on what you thought the results would be.

I've been working out my entire life but haven't gotten the results I really wanted. I wanted to know what the best thing to take for me, as something that will make my muscles harder and will cut me up.


Your 20 years old... If you knew half what you say you know about training and nutrition especially directed towards body building then you would have no problem obtaining the look your looking for completely naturally. So I call bull shit. Secondly if you truly are surrounded by "some of the best bodybuilders in the world" then why did you not just ask them about drugs they are probably very knowledgeable and could and would have suggested a well thought not more than half ass cycle that might have actually done something .


so Op:

-has trained with the best bodybuilders in the world
-knows as much as us about training/nutrition
-has been training all his life

-hasn't gotten good results..


Loooled HARD at 5 weeks of winstrol , only , brah you shouldn't even be taking winstrol if your on 500mg's of test and its your 3rd cycle.


This statement tells me that you know jack shit about training. Most of those wiser than you seem to believe the opposite: they realize just how little they know about training.


It is because he hasn't used 5 weeks of winstrol yet, duh.


train till u turn 23-24

then start a beginner cycle something like (300-350 Test E) 10 weeks etc.. google beginner cycles etc.. it will get u in the good direction.. BUT WAIT TILL YOUR 24 ATLEAST!!


Cobra and OP, you both make comments about being more respectful in one way or another.

I think it's disrespectful of anyone to come in here and ask for advice when they clearly haven't done their homework. If you claim to know world class lifters then you don't need to be here. If anyone spends 1hr looking at information readily available on the Internet they wouldn't propose a plan like this. It's simple really. People get flamed for wasting everyone else's time and being annoying. I made a comment in another topic about 90% of the new posters not being ready.

This is another case. OP hasn't even put in the effort to research his cycle. Should we fix it for him when he hasn't made an effort? Should we listen to his claims about knowing as much about training as people on this board (Walkway or RDS)? Should we listen to his stories about training with world class bodybuilders that he isn't asking for advice?


I couldn't agree with this more... Me personally I know my knowledge base is decent but I will defer to several people I grew up lifting with on just about any topic... When I started thinking about running a cycle those are the first people I asked for advice... So if he really knew "world class bodybuilders" he would have asked them... The only think I don't agree with is it being easy to research, to me it seems like there is a lot of contradicting information out there...