25mg Dianabol 2x/Day Too Much for 1st Cycle?

10 week cycle of 500mg Test E a week, 50mg dianabol a day for 4 weeks. Wanted to keep it simple as my research has suggested however my supplier suggested 25 mg dianabol twice a day. This does seem like a higher dose for a new individual so I thought I would get some second opinions. Thanks. Keeping Arimidex on hand and nolva for pct.

if you don’t run your adex from the start I will come round to your house at xmas and kick your grandma in her vagina so hard her head will come off.

Don’t be an idiot; run your AI from the start.

50mg dbol is a little high for a first cycle but yeah, you can do it like that if you like. You could always just buy a pill cutter and divide the pills.

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Ok awesome thanks guys, Trust me I am going do make sure I am dosing the AI correctly as estro related symptoms scare me the most.

50mg dbol with AI on hand is asking for trouble. Run it from the start at 0.5 EOD to begin with and adjust if you get any symptoms. Just dont go poking your nipples all the time to check (I was a retard and did that because i was scared of gyno). Cut one in half and have 12.5 in the morning and 25mg Pre-workout.