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250ml per Week. Am I in a Safe Zone? (Regarding Test Injection)


Around one and half year ago I decided that I wanted to compete in Men’s physique so I decided to get a personal trainer (Apparently, he’s the best pt in the town).

Since he was a good friend of mine I decided to trust him with everything, so he put me on test 250ml(Which is not a huge amount when compared to other physique guys) per week and he gives me estrogen blocker once every two weeks.

One day it got to a point where I was asking myself “am I putting myself in a danger ?”. I mean I knew that test was much safer than other anabolic steroids but I wasn’t sure if I was completely safe.

so the question is, could taking 250ml of test per week affect my health?
if it could affect my health, what are things that could happen to me e.g heart problem, hair loss, etc ?


250ml or 250mg? You do mean mg, I assume.

“Estrogen blocker” once every two weeks?

Have you had bloodwork? THAT part is pretty important…

You’ve been on test for a year and a half at this dosage? Are you planning on being on test for the rest of your life, or going off of it at some point? That’s a long time to be taking extraneous test… depending on your age, that could be long enough to shut down your natural production for good (you’re not producing natural test right now).

For what it’s worth, 200mg/wk is the upper end of TRT. I got bloodwork before starting, after 1 month, at 3 months… then every 6 months. @200mg, I’m at the high end of “normal”. Some are that high with 100mg/wk.

CBC (hematocrit), Test, Estradiol. One should really, really keep an eye on hematocrit when taking Test, 'specially if you’re above supraphysiological levels. I’m guessing that 250mg has you above.


You’re not going to die. Not unless you have butt cancer or something.

It sounds like you have absolutely no knowledge of AAS however, and I’m very much convinced you’re not actually taking gear, just fishing for info about a possible cycle you’d like to run.