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250mg Test E Weekly

Im 28 years old. 195lbs 5"10 around 15% body fat. I’m not looking for any validation, just insight. It’s been such a cluster fuck for this year dealing with my health so that’s why everything seems a mess in my posts. i found a doctor on my own which is who I’ve delt with for most of the time. Things were getting very exspenive as I was paying for all my visit out of pocket ( $150 each time to see my doctor, plus the cost of testosterone, plus other things they had me taking like vit d suppliments, zinc, and milk thistle, all which with natural and they sell there.

Which came to 3 to 600 dollars a month, depending on often they wanted me to talk to the doctor) I couldn’t afford it any more at the time and insurence doesn’t cover it. I talked to my family doctor so that I could get a referral to and endo becsuse then my insurence would cover it. That doctor took me off testosterone cold turkey and had terrible

With draws but he wanted to test my levels
With out injections. Which was a 6 week withdraw he said. Do that and he said my levels are fine and couldn’t help me. I didn’t understand and went back to the original doc that I found my self. Scrounged up money worked extra to try and get back on track. And it was starting all over. Started at 80mg for a month and half. Did blood work. Then raised to 100mg and said I should be good.

Called and told them I still feel terrible and haven’t noticed any improvements in anything. Did more blood work and found out I’m lower then before I started. The first photo is bloodwork before trt. The second photo is being on trt, stopped due to the docotor instructions, got back on it and 3 months in where it came back the lowest it’s been.

Your doctor sucks, stopping for 6 weeks cold turkey defeats purpose, do you live in us or Canada? 346 puts you at a level on normal range, for a 70 year old but high enough not to give trt, are you seeing uralagist or gp.

And my free t is at 7.4 which isn’t in the normal range. I’m seeing a anti aging doctor. Only doctor I could find to take me serious. But I’m not seeing them in more. I was just peddling with him but going know where. Plus I cant afford and extra 3-600 a month.