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250mg Test-E First Cycle 35 Y/O

I am taking 25o mg test-e a week I am on week 6 and seeing great results thus far as for a PCT I am looking for advice as to what to take I have noticed a little shrinkage in the testicles I read many forums before starting my cycle but I am doubting myself a little. I have read clomid and nolvadex would be a good PCT and then I have also read that such a low dose may not require a PCT. So any advice would be appreciated.

Definitely gonna need to pct… Whoever told you otherwise is a moron

what do you recommend I have 5 weeks to go on a 12 week cycle and apparently listened to a moron.

I respond well to clomid, other like Tamoxifen.
Clomid at 50mg/ed for 2 weeks and then 25mg/ed for 2 weeks
Tamox for 40mg/ed for 2 weeks and then 20mg/ed for 2 weeks

I’d throw in some UltraMale from Ironmag labs as well

i will start looking for one of these thanks for responding Octupi.

Friendly advice from one novice to another! Never start a cycle without your support in hand! AI or PCT, never know what will happen!

You could even blast and cruise if you really wanted to, with the age that you’re at

well due to circumstances beyond my control i was forced to take three weeks off with nothing at all however i dosed last night and plan to finish the last 4 weeks of test and i also have Tamoxifen 10mg/ml x 30ml the stuff i got says for research purposes only I’m assuming thats normal

its actually 20mg x 30ml

so far no ill effects from the 3 weeks off. My gains are steady for the low dose ( 250mg test -e every 5 days) but in 8 weeks my bench has gained 35 lbs lat pulldown has increased 65 lbs triceps and biceps i dont monitor my max so much as my reps but vast improvement my cardio is better than ever I have 3 weeks to go till pct i will follow Octupi’s advice for pct as i have tamoxifen (nolvadex) and thanks to those that responded I am an amateur but a huge fan of being yoked out. I am not quite there but the juice definitely gave me a psycological boost as well as anabolic.