250mg Test E E3D = 750mg a Week?

If I’m taking 250mg test e e3d that ends up being 750mg a week right?

It’s about 585mg per week

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Yep, 250/3x7=583.

damn, dude… school much?

250 every 3rd day means 750 in 9 days :wink:

the easiest way is to do 250/3 = 83.3 (this is the amount you get each day). now you can multiply this number “83.3” by as many days as you want and you will get the dose, so 83.3 x 7 = 583.3

You guys do the math the easy way lol. I have to:

365/3 = 121.6 days of shots / 52 weeks = 2.33 shots per week x 250mg = 585mg/week

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Just doing 200-250 every second day now

That would put you at 700-875mg per week

200-250 huh …why not stick with an exact number like 220 or 240 ?

Depends on the concentration of the test

Perhaps he has two batches? One being 200mg/ml and another 250mg/ml?

Where I live test E is typically 250mg/ml but test cyp is usually 200mg/ml. I’m referring to grey/black market product as test C isn’t available on script in much of Europe/Oceania

He could still draw the correct amount of oil to keep it at a consistent number