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250mg Sustanon Every 3 Weeks

Ok, after the NHS wouldn’t help as i was 0.3 above their ‘Treatment Figure’ i managed to find a private Dr that would treat me with my blood results and symptoms.

After talking with the Dr, i mentioned that i would prefer 125mg of Sustanon 250 per week. Now Dr has suggested 250mg Sustanon every 3 weeks…

Surely 3 weeks is way too long and i will probably feel like crap from around week 2 with symptoms returning and a crashed T level?

Prescription is for 2 x Amps every 28 days, so would you suggest trying the 125mg pw instead?

here you have my labwork just before TRT, and 3 weeks after sustanon 250 injection (not to mention that I had prescribed one shot every four weeks…)

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So you went from 253 T pre and crashed to 141 three weeks after?

Ive just emailed the Dr my concerns. Thats not going to work.

not exactly. two weeks after my first injection I have felt just like before treatment.
owing to the fact that I was on my way to holidays, I have decided to take another shot after two weeks (instead of four).

three weeks later T level dropped to 141 with accompanying drop of gonadotropin levels. here we have a scientific proof that such rare injections are pointless.

I think it’s absolutely fascinating that patients are emailing their doctors explaining why injections every 3-4 weeks simply won’t work! I went through the same experience myself, by the 3rd week I was lower than pre-TRT.

yes, but there is more to this as you would know from the stickies I provided in your 1st thread.

Please continue with your first thread where we have context about your situation.