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250mg a Month TRT at 21Y/O

Long story short I’m 21yo and after suffering very low T for almost 2 years, after a overtraining period, my doctor just decided to put me on TRT after several blood work and thyroid tests (they failed to find anything). My doctor put me on 250mg of testosterone enanthate ONCE a month, and she said it was the normal dosage here.

I’m on T for 1 week now and feeling better, but I’m quit skeptical of the dosage she put me on and I am not looking forward to the following weeks. I am planning on going to see her and talk her into increasing the treatment to 250mg twice a week instead, I plan to talk about the half life of the drugs to convince her.

Is this normal procedure? I looked at the leaflet that came with my 1ml bottle and it says it’s to be taken once or twice a month…
I’d appreciate some opinions.

PS, I never took steroids and I’m in shape,I don’t drink ,do drugs, smoke and I have a healthy diet. I am assuming I messed up my pituitary gland and T secretion after 2 years of heavy over training.

You should self inject 50mg twice a week.

You can inject with tiny insulin needles, 1/2" #29 0.5ml [50iu].

Doctors are the biggest problem and countries with socialized medicine are hell.

Please follow/read these links in 2nd post of 1st forum topic:

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

You have not posted that prolactin was tested - very important for young males

Please post your labs with lab ranges.
Very interested in thyroid.

Thanks for the reply,
I just been to the doctor and she confirmed that there’s not other inject-able testosterone drug available here (In France) other than the 250mg Test E androtardyl, she said we could increase it to 250mg twice a week based on the T results from bloodwork that I am supposed to take this week and one at the end of the month.

Here’s the latest lab results:

Free T: 7.6mL (8,9-42,5)
Total T 270ng (241-827)
TSH 5,829mL (0,550-4,780)
T4 12,66mL (8,90-17,60)
SHBG 19nmol (10-57)
Cortisol 178µg/l (73-224)
FSH 5,4 (1,4-18)
LH 6,5 (1,5 - 9,3)
Prolactin 19,6 (1,5 - 9,3)

As the thyroid results were a bit high the doctor decided to send me for advanced thyroid tests including Ultrasound and blood work, I don’t have the results of that test with me but they were within range and doctor said that although the result were “wierd” it shouldn’t be causing problems and it simply something I have to monitor later.

250 twice a week or 250 every two weeks?

Have you been using iodized salt or do you have problems caused by iodine deficiency?
Get fT3 and fT4 tested if possible, the free hormones are active and more to the point.
Read the thyroid basics explained link.

At the end of one month, yiur LH/FSH numbers were good because your injection was gone for a long times. These labs indicate that you have primary hypogonadism.

Get the thyroid lab number and post with ranges. You need to manage your own health care because the doctors miss a lot of issues. The fact that your doc was injecting once a month means that your doc does not know what she is doing.

Test E is good. But it fades fast enough that injections once a week are often inadequate.

250mg every two week.
I never used iodized salt, and my iodine were within range the last time I had a full blood test done (1 years ago)
All those lab results are from pre injection time, I only started injections last week and I’m having blood drawn tomorrow.
I had a full thyroid test not long ago and they didn’t see any major problems there that could cause low T. I’ll try to get those results next time I see that doc so I can post them here.
I am wondering, if I do get the doc to increase my treatment to 250mg every two weeks could I inject myself 100mg every week instead of going to the nurse? if so, how am I supposed to do that seeing I would only get 2 1ml vial of Test? am I supposed to somehow store them once they been opened?

Typically a vial is a multi-dose container with a rubber stopper.

There are glass ampules that are broken open that are a problem.

You can load multiple syringes if needed and set aside.

You should take iodine deficiency seriously.
Salt has been iodized for almost 100 years because of iodine deficiency.
Check oral body temperatures as suggested in the thyroid basics explained link.

Je suis de France aussi, tu as reussi a trouver un medecin et un protocle qui fonctinne ?