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250 or 500 mg a Week of Test E?

Hello. 49 year old. Have pined 250e/ week for 20 weeks. At week 8, got blood work. Test was 1280. Everything else good. Had planned to do 250/wk first bottle, then 500/wk second bottle, but screwed up. Do I need to wait or is it okay to do one more bottle at 500/wk then go off? Have not been taking anything else btw. Thanks

You need to provide a bit more for the folks on here to weigh in.

Are you just doing a 20 week “cycle”? Or are you doing some sort or prolonged blast and cruise?
If I understand correctly you are currently at or just past week 20, is that correct?

If you are planning on this being a cycle type arrangement then 20 weeks is pushing it. I know I have seen what are touted as “pro” cycles that last 20 weeks but those are for “pro’s.” Like 250 lbs or more at 5% body fatt.

If you are or were planning this to be a cycle and you are concerned about re-covering your natural testosterone production and levels then you should absolutely cease and preform a proper PCT. The longer you are on then the harder it is to recover and there is no way to change that.

If you are doing TRT and this was some sort of prolonged blast with increasing levels of test then I am out of my element. 250 a week has been claimed to be a TRT dose but usually those are doses that people self prescribed.

Plus if you were to do one more bottle at 500 a week and most bottles are 250 a cc then that is only 5 weeks at 500. That’s not long enough to stabilize and reape the benefits.

Thank you. I wish I had just done 500/wk for 10 weeks and called it. I’ve done unorganized “cycles” several times over past 5 years. Honestly, I don’t really know what I’m doing. Ive just got some from time to time and taken it for a bottle or two usually 250/wk but have done 500/wk. I do know I will bounce from 150 to 200lbs currently when I’m on and lifting/eating. I’m not consistent. Currently BF is 18%. Id like to stay as close to where I’m at as possible. I have never done any PCT. have been reading a lot about it today though. Seems confusing. What is the simplest, basic, pct recommendation? I’ve never had any side affects that I know of. Not sure if it’s all in my mind now, but my testes do seem smaller. No bedroom issues though.

you put on 50lbs from a cycle? Is that even possible, wouldn’t that put the body and internal organs under massive strain from such rapid weight gain

No. Sorry, I made that sound a lot more dramatic than it is. Basically five years ago or so I was around 147. Since then I have worked out and done a bottle or two here and there each year. Then I would stop for months and start again and during those periods I would gain and lose part of it. 10 lbs or so fluctuations then gain some back over 6 months, then lose some, etc. But overall I’m now at 202. I’m just not consistent. I’m a very hard gainer (or lazy eater?). All I’m trying to do is look fit (for my age) and have some bulk. Which I have succeeded at at the moment. But it is a lot of time and work and wife doesnt care either way. It makes me feel better, but I do worry health wise about the pins, so that’s why I was asking.

You’re almost 50 years old, you admit that you have no idea what you’re doing, but you just keep doing stuff (seemingly randomly) anyway. How have you not accidentally set yourself on fire yet? You only get one body, you should take care of it. You’re being irresponsible and reckless. You’re too old for that to be an acceptable way to live.


Alright for the simple fact that you appear to be trying to be honest I will respond. I must state I have reservations and kind of feel like I am condoning or possibly enabling you. Since I don’t like the idea of some one else giving you a sarcastic answer you might take as legit I am going to give a real answer.

PCT or Post Cycle Therapy is the MOST IMPORTANT part of a cycle. Weather you are doing some odd ball prolonged thing like you or you keep changing your mind about TRT. The simplest and most commonly used method is simply Nolvadex. 40 mgs a day for two weeks then 20 mgs a day for two weeks.
There is evidence that it can continue to elevate natural test production for up to 3 months. Since you have been on a “cycle” for 20 weeks and have a history of eradic usage I would strech that to three weeks at 40 and three weeks at 20 . If you have any leftover tablets I would then cut it to 10 mgs for maybe another week but that is pushing it.
Again due to your method of usage it would be a good idea for you to look into HCG. It can help bring your testicles back to full size.

I assume your testosterone is a long ester chain like cypionate or enanthate. So on the last day of injection we call that day 0. You need to wait until at least day 14 to start your Nolvadex. If you get HCG then during those 14 days you can use it, dosage dependant on amount you get. Now this way to use HCG is the older school method but you did mention shrunken testicles. Now this is important the day you start your Nolvadex that should be the only thing you are taking. No more HCG or Proviron or sarms.

If you get HCG you can wait a little longer than 14 days to start your Nolvadex if you are using HCG during that time. I would not wait to start Nolvadex more than 21 days. Basically the HCG is a synthetic way to tell your body to produce testosterone so the theory is by taking it we kick start our natural production. The Nolvadex stimulates our body into telling itself to make testosterone. These are very basic interpretations of how the drugs work and I am NOT a doctor! Ultimately we have a loop in our body and we need to stimulate that loop into producing testosterone again.

I assume from what you wrote you don’t use or really know what an Aromatase Inhibitor is, is that correct? Please respond.

Just so you know, a proper PCT will help you keep more if not all of your gains. Your fluctuation could be from loosing the water weight you get from extra estrogen or it could be from muscle waisting from not having natural testosterone to maintain the gains.

I will close with a very important reminder. All the drugs in the world will only do so much, the true key to making a full recovery is stimulating natural testosterone production and the best way is through vigorous exercise. So you really need to keep lifting well after the cycle and PCT. ESPECIALLY when you do not feel like it.

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Not the pins I’d worry about (health wise), I’d be worrying about your cardiovascular health. For a young, rippling stud such as myself (just kidding, but I am young), a 250mg per week dose of test would be fine to run long term if it gave me a test level of 1280. 500mg per week as a long term thing is very risky and would possible cause heart dysfunction and would definately cause thickening of the blood, increasing the users chance of a stroke. Even at 250mg weekly you should be donating blood as much as possible to keep hematocrit down. The problem is, at your age, having a test level that high for so long increases your chance of health complications a whole lot more than it would for me. High levels of testosterone typically means high levels of estriadol and dihydrotestosterone. If I read correctly you aren’t using an AI, while some people don’t require an AI, others do, high estrogen can cause high blood pressure, mood swings etc. High blood pressure can cause a very unfavourable thickening of the left ventricle in the heart (with impaired cardiac function, unlike athletes heart) and increases your risk of having a stroke exponentially. High levels of DHT (In DHT sensitive individuals) can cause an enlarged prostate, an enlarged prostate is linked with a higher rate of prostate cancer and is irritating because it makes it hard to urinate. Leave the irresponsible living to people like me (just kidding once again, you only have one body, cherish it unless it’s my body which doesn’t function naturally). I’m not sure if you are looking at blast and cruise/TRT or cycling here, you didn’t make it clear in your original post. When you tested at 1280ng/dl was this seven days post shot or was it a few days after. If it was right before the next shot that means 1280 was your nadir and your peak levels are probably around double that (however my TT is around 500ng/dl seven days post shot, shows how everyone has a different metabolism of testosterone)

Thank you for the replies. No I’ve never taken any AI or any pct. I will do the novaldex as suggested. I am and always have been sickeningly healthy and indestructible. I admit I may have been too cavalier with this stuff. So far I seem and feel fine, but I genuinely appreciate the advice and have taken it to heart. Thanks again for taking the time and consideration.