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25 yrs old, Want to Start a Cycle

Good morning guys. Iv been on/off weight lifting for the past couple of years, not taking it to full effect like id love to. Finally realized what my goals are and what I want to do with my self. Im 25, 148lbs 5’9. Iv always felt like I would lift weights but not gain any size but my diet was never straight. Right now Im focusing on eating over 3,200 calories per day as I log it into my fitness pal to keep track. a couple of my buddies I work out with are running Test and Dbol. Love the size they’ve put on, both are younger than me.

My question is… if I run a cycle, can i bounce right back to my normal test levels if i decide to get off? my ideal weight is 170ish. i want to put on serious size but not get ridiculously huge. not looking to do shows lol just tired of being the skinny guy…

should i just do it natural and keep eating over 3,200 calories per day? or run a test is the safe to do? start on Dbol and test… iv got it lined up but haven’t taken it.

Iv been serious into the gym the past couple of months, working on a full body workout plane 3x a week.

what do you think?

Thanks so much

IMO you should have put several years straight in prior to considering a cycle. Once you peak naturally only then should you consider it. A few months isn’t much. You should dial in your diet and program first. Once you have the foundation a testosterone cycle will indeed shut you down. You need to follow a proper PCT program to rebound. Some still struggle after PCT so you take risks that your HPTA could have a hard time recovering.

you have no business running a cycle but it sounds like you’ve already made up your mind, especially since your friends are already on.

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I recommend waiting a while before you start a cycle. When your friends get off gear, they’ll lose a majority of their muscle, and with that, probably a majority of their motivation and dedication to the gym. I want to start a cycle too; however, I’m only 19, and I know that I need to learn how to eat properly, how to program for myself, and how to be patient and trust the process before I hop on the steroid train. If I ever do a cycle, it won’t be for 5-10 more years. I hate to see people rush into things that could be potentially harmful in any way, so please just think it through. Diet and programming naturally is a slow process for sure, but it’s safe and it works. Best of luck to you man.

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3 months and 3 times a week… So you have done roughly 36 workouts. And now you want to run a cycle… Your ideal weight is 170ish and you are 148… You are fucking tiny!! My gf is your height and weighs between 160 and 170 and she’s jacked, naturally. You need to make some progress naturally before you even consider getting on gear. Take some time and put in fucking work. You have no business on here until then… Do some research and work your ass off. I suggest something better than your little 3x a week program.

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Seriously, one of the best responses I have ever seen from someone your age! Great job!

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then don’t take steroids. not worth it AT ALL.

that’s a really, really low bar. Easily achievable in less than a year with consistent lifting and eating. there is no guarantee that you’ll recover from even a mild cycle. Definitely not worth the risk if you don’t intend to ever chase a more difficult goal than this.

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