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25 yrs Old, Questions


25 years old, have been lifting since high school,

Lifting and eating properly for the past 3 years.

Currentl stats ( strength has dipped a bit due to being leanest I have ever been)
11% bf
Squat 305x3
Bench 235x3
Deadlift 395x3

I saw posted in another thread that 250mg sustanon a wk is too low t see any notable Gains,

Does this hold true if someone were to add 200mg/wk primo enth along with with 250mg sust?


you will notice gains from 250mg sust a week, but they will be extremely modest.. sustanon should be pinned EOD at the least because of the short ester..

I would recommend using primo because it's very expensive and therefore one of the most commonly faked compounds..

the more you use, the more results you get.. and the reverse is true


WW you mean WOULDN'T. Correct?


I would think so.. I've heard from many different people that primo is just not worth it... the cost =/= the results at the end of the day..


I'd just up your sust to 500mg. I'm on week 6 at 500mg/week and up 24 lbs now. As long as u train hard eat a shitload of food and get good rest you'll see the results.




Are you running anything else along with that?


No just sust pinned EOD for a total of 500 mg/week. I got my diet in check before starting. Added a weight gainer into the mix for extra cals. Other than the arimidex at .5 EOD nothing. Like I said before eat big get rest and lift heavy watch the results come.


6'3 223 11% bodyfat and such low lifts? Why even bother with gear?


Yeah calculated maxes are about 330, 250, and 425 for them. Unless you stay low weight and never lift max weight or your levers are odd those are low and not up to potential. Or you exaggerated somewhere.


this question makes no sense..


I agree I'm not as strong as I should be for my height and weight, partly due to being below 15% bf( I have spent most of my life above 20%) and taking almost all of last year off! The wife and I were living out of a backpack around south east Asia for 3/4 of the year

I have a few PRs I want to hit before I cycle, like being comfortable below 10% bf, clean 100kg, bench 300 would be nice as well!