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25 Yr Old Starting HCG Monotherapy for Secondary Hypogonadism


[quote]dgallagher88 wrote:
I’ll keep this as concise as possible. Bloodwork was done showing low T:

TESTOSTERONE: 237 (292-1052 NG/DL)
PROLACTIN: 4.4 (3.0-30.0 NG/ML)

Given the low LH numbers and the fact that I was able to get my wife pregnant last September, we concluded the issue was likely in my pituitary glands. I will be getting an MRI next week to completely rule out the very minor chance of a tumor. Since I am young and don’t want to threaten fertility the doctor did not want to prescribe Test. He suggested clomid but I requested HCG after comparing experiences users have had between the two.

Current prescription is 500 IU 3 times a week. The pharmacy gave me a 10ML vial of novarel…kind of annoying that 4ML will be wasted due to the 30 day expiration date. I’m asking my doctor if I can get pregnyl for a longer refrigeration life or if 5ML vials are available.


  1. Increase libido, energy levels, and strength by normalizing T levels
  2. Monitor estradiol levels to see if aromatase inhibitor is needed. I already have higher levels of chest fat and do not want to worsen gynecomastia


  1. Will HCG help promote natural LH production after the 6 week trail period or will I always need to continue to medicate with HCG?
  2. How long have others experienced the benefits of HCG due to normal T levels?

Next bloodwork will be at the end of August. I will update this thread throughout treatment. Any comments or references are appreciated[/quote]

I’ve been on 9000 IU per week for almost two months and I feel very good!


[quote]dgallagher88 wrote:

-Sex drive crazy high

Yeah, tell me about it. HCG has my sex drive insane!


[quote]dgallagher88 wrote:
Ok - I’ve heard differently regarding T impacting fertility. My general practice doc told me T on its own (just cypionate or enanthate) is not a good idea as it may reduce fertility…the reason I chose hcg instead.[/quote]

One can MAINTAIN fertility with small doses of HCG with cypionate, but from what I’ve read and been told, high doses of 9000 to 12000 IU per week are used to induce fertility after shutdown from T use.


[quote]BrickHead wrote:
I’ve been on 9000 IU per week for almost two months and I feel very good![/quote]

Wow, Im currently on 3000iu/week and EVERYONE tells me my dose is too high. What’s the disconnect here? Why is the internet so polarized on dosing of HCG.

What is your complete protocol right now? (HCG dosing frequency, AI, etc?)

Any recent labs? Would love to see your T & E numbers.


Would be interested in hearing more about your results.

Sex Drive Still high ?

Whats your E2 levels?


Can you provide updates of your continued progress? On 1/7/19, I started HCG 500IU troche Monotherapy (3) per week, not the injection, with Anastrazole 1.0mg (1) per week.


For me, HCG monotherapy was not a success. Though I don’t know what effect it had on my fertility because I did not take a fertility test before I had a corrected protocol, the mono therapy had my T values in the 300s to 400s and I did not feel good with that.

After that my doc put me back on 100 mg T per week and 1000 IU HCG three times per week. That lead me to having my first kid and another that’s on the way.

Why are you on anastrozole? Is your estradiol high?


Wow, crazy I still get email notification on a 5 year old thread. I’m still on the HCG and anastrozole. Take 500 IU every other day and 1 tab anastrozole. It’s been working great for me. T levels not through the roof, but where they need to be for a 30 yr old male (levels usually around 600 when I get bloodwork done). I’m going on my third kid so fertility has clearly stayed in tact.

Still lifting but much stronger 420 squat, 455 DL, 260 bench. That’s probably due to routine and diet more than the HCG though.

Make sure to check with insurance. There are different brands (Novarel, pregnyl, generic) that all work, but some are in network and others not. Cost can get pricy if out of network.


Ive aways used insurance. My HCG costs fifteen bucks a month.


The first time I tried hormonal therapy (baseline T: 671 E2: 38) (Apr 2018 duration 3.5 months), the regimen consisted of HCG 500IU injections (2) week, Chlomid .25mg every day, and Anastrazole .25mg (1) per week. After the first month, T: 1,126 E2: 100.4. Second month, Anastrazole increased to 0.5mg (3) per week - Results: T: 1,308 E2: 109. Third month, Anastrazole increased to 1.0mg (5) per week - Results: T: 1,326 E2: 126. Discontinued because the E2 was not going down. I felt great during the cycles, gained muscle, bigger erections, extremely high libido, however, I did gain 30 pounds - 146 to 177 lbs. - (much around the abdomen). Fortunately, I did not develop gynecomastia. T levels remained high even 5 months after stopping the therapy and returning to baseline (12/15/18 T: 847 E2: 35). By the way I’m 33 yrs old.

In 2019, I decided to give hormonal therapy another shot at different doses. As of right now, I’m beginning the third week of the HCG monotherapy 500IU Troche (3) per week with Anastrazole 1.0mg (1) per week, no Chlomid. So far I don’t notice any changes so not sure if it’s working. Next lab test is around 1/29/19. Goal is to reach optimal hormone levels and feel great again.


That’s great to hear. I’m glad you’re having success with the HCG monotherapy. Thanks for keeping us updated.


Why did you go on hormone therapy with a T level in the 600s?

Hormone therapy isn’t done in cycles.


I was experiencing symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, poor erectile quality. The hormonal therapy cured all of these symptoms within the first 1-2 weeks and continued so forth. It felt great! Psychological and mental issues were most likely the root cause. I stopped the homonal therapy after 3.5 months because the E2 was too high 126 and it was determined that the best and quickest option to correct the high E2 was to stop treatment.


I recently stopped my TRT program with HCG due to elevated E2, and I’ve considered either low dose T or HCG mono therapy. I’ve used anastrozole to bring down the high E2 before but needed 1mg EOD. Curious what your tab is on 500iu HCG EOD. Thanks for your post!!


This is a great thread for me. I am on hcg and serms. But not test. Not a lot of people here are on hcg without test. I can’t say how many iu I am on because my needle is in cc’s (I think 1.0cc is 500iu

I was taking 1.0 twice a week. My test went up to 39 which was pretty damn high. As of last week I’ve went down to .8cc

Serm, rilaxophine (spelling) daily.

It’s nice to see someone who has been on it for 5 years still showing results and not having any negative effects. For me so far it’s just my back acne but hopefully with the lower dose it will clear up.


Sorry, were u experiencing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation because of the hcg?


No. The HCG/Chlomid cured all symptoms. When I’m under that hormonal treatment I have high libido, strength, thicker/stronger erections, and can last significantly longer during sex.


Just got my lab results last week

Prior to treatment 12/15/18 Testosterone 847, Estradiol 35, T/E Ratio: 24:1

First Cycle: 3 weeks: 500 IU HCG troche (3) per week, No Chlomid, 1.0mg Anastrazole (1) per week
Lab Results (Lab Corp.):
Testosterone 885
Estradiol 24
T/E Ratio 37:1
How do I feel? I don’t notice much of a difference at all with the HCG troche. I prefer the injectable HCG.

Second Cycle: 3 weeks: Switching to HCG Injections 500 IU (2) per week, Chlomid 12.5mg every day, Anastrazole same does at 1.0mg (1) per week.
Lab Results: To be determined…


What’s the method behind these so-called cycles?

Why would someone use HCG and clomid together?

Is anastrozole necessary?

You had a number of 847 and went on HCG?

I’m confused.


Improves erectile quality, stiffness, fullness, girth size, increased libido, can sustain erections for longer periods of time and last much longer as well. When my test levels are above 1,100 with HCG/Chlomid, I feel great! It also helps with achieving more muscle mass, size, and strength. Yes, Anastrazole is necessary when using the HCG/Chlomid together in order to combat rising estradiol levels.

Everyone is different. My testosterone levels are naturally high between 700-800 baseline, however I start to experience symptoms such as losing muscle mass and erectile dysfunction at these baseline levels.