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25 YO, Total Test Level 399. Goal is 1000

This follows my about me on my profile. In just under two weeks I have felt my sex drive go from nothing to having sex 4 times in 1.5 weeks. This is big for me. Ann in the morning all I’m thinking about is hooking up. I am focusing mostly on sleep, lifting heavy, and diet. For sleep I’m using a sleep mask, binaural beats, and mouth taping. I’m squatting benching and deadlifting 2 Days a week and sprints another 2 days. For diet I’m eating 4-8 eggs a day with brown rice and avocado mostly. I’m vegtiarian. I also just started juicing an onion, beets, and carrots. It’s a horrid tasting juice but it’s been making me feel good. Let me know what you guys think of my progress so far and leave tips if you have some. Thanks!

to confirm, you believe that you are increasing your testosterone by taping your mouth shut at night, drinking onion/beet/carrot juice (two ideas that originated on 4chan), and eating 4 eggs a day with brown rice and avocado, and you believe this because you’ve had sex four times in the past ten days?

EDIT: thank you to the quick-witted mod who moved this out of the T-Replacement subforum!

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Not sure if srs lel


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Yeah. The mouth taping has me breathing through my nose and it keeps me asleep. And the juice and food has my energy levels way up. I trust it so far. You guys don’t think it works?

So you’ve been sleeping better and now you feel better… Congrats?

Better food is always good. And nothing makes you feel better than 8 undisturbed hours of sleep every night. If you were not sleeping enough before your Testosterone and growth hormone levels will be higher. From 399 to 1000 ?I really doubt that. But sleep and good food will make you healthier all by itself

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