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25 Years Old, Path to Optimal Levels

Doc/idiot? appointment went somewhat okay…kind of a win, will get to that in a minute.
CT scan showed nothing, kinda confused as to why the radiologist or nurse would ask me after the scan if I felt like I lost circulation when my arms were placed above my head, thats one of the things I deal with, but nothing showed up??? the search continues I guess.

Would give my labs but the nurse printed my old labs and not the current one, so I will go off what I can remember, TT was 280 something, FT was 6.?, that’s about it will go back in tomorrow for current lab results.

The kind of win I mentioned earlier in this post involves the doctor prescribing me
test cyp 100 mg/dl…the problem, if it really is one, is that it’s for 100mg every two weeks…he wasn’t interested in hearing about the twice a week deal…tried for even 75mg a week, but it didn’t matter. I asked about aromatase inhibitor…he doesn’t believe I will need it with the small dose he is giving me…ok so I ask about HCG or something similar to preserve my nuts since they still work and I would like to keep it that way, He does not think I will suffer any suppression with the dosing…I feel kinda lost/shitty, its a slight win on getting something but I don’t want to fuck my self up, is it worth taking a shot ( no pun intended ) with this protocol and see if I get any relief for my symptoms??? He did say we would do this for a couple of months and reevaluate the situation…but he also think I should be in the 500’s 600 tops so I don’t think he would go any better on dosing…would I even hit 500 or 600 hundred with this protocol…I’m sure I would feel pretty good after the first few days of getting the shot but what about the time in between the next shot?
It’s a start in the right direction I Know but damn, do I try to find another doc and go ahead with this protocol in the meantime? or not do shit?
some opinions/answers would be great

kind of a bump slash add on.

Would running 100mg of test cyp every two weeks be enough to act as a support for my current levels with out the suppression, and or would it be a good enough protocol for a possible restart?

will edit in the results of my recent lab work to this post when I get them later today.

Okay just got the new results.
date collected 04/29/2015 09:10am
TT (281) 175 - 781 ng/dl

FT (5.96) 3.8 - 34.2 pg/ml

FSH (2.1) 1.3 - 19.3 mIU/ml

LH (3.0) 1.2 - 8.6 mIU/ml

Iron total (157) 45 - 160 ugm/ml

Ferritin (129) 14 - 179 ng/ml

prolactin (9.7) 2.6 - 13.1 ng/ml

SHBG (22.3) 13.0 - 71.0 nmol/l

DHEA-S (277) 80 - 560 ug/dl

Vit B-12 (390) 180 - 914 pg/ml

TSH 3rd gen (2.260) 0.350 - 5.500 mIU/ml

*Cortisol Free (1.18) 0.31 - 1.19 ug/dl 8:00 - 10:00 am

I am going to get the script filled and probably start Monday. Will just see how shit goes I guess,will try to have LH/FSH tested during this trial run…will be able to know if I am shut down or not. How Would I want to time the blood work? should I do it before the 2nd injection or wait for the third or fourth???
Will obviously want to have TT,FT,and E2 thrown into the mix as well…as this will be the only way to get through to him if he is not correct on what will happen.
Input still wanted/needed.

will edit in Cortisol level with the rest of my labs above

I don’t think that ever two weeks will work for you as you will be bouncing of the bottom.

No E2 lab work?

When labs are done, will that be day 14?

I think that you can test in a month. But do you get to choose. Your levels will be low.

Have you read the finding a TRT doc sticky?

I don’t think every two weeks would work either,or at least that’s what I have gathered from these forums,How true all of that is I can’t be sure as I have never done it.

I have decided to hold off, have not got anything filled as of yet.

No E2 labs, I requested it but he did not put it in there. last labs for that which was taken on 2-24-2015 at 9:05am
Estradiol 17 Beta ( <20 ) Range 0 - 47 pg/ml

as for testing I would want it to be before my next shot if possible,rather thats before the second or third one wouldn’t matter to me…Maybe would change his mind on getting it weekly.

Yes I read the finding a TRT doc sticky…wouldn’t change a whole lot for my situation…I have medi-cal limited on docs and can’t just come out with a few hundred bucks for some asshole to say I fall within range and to get the hell out of his office.

My next appointment with the doc wouldn’t be until July 15th, would think he would want to see how I was doing a lot sooner with the treatment,maybe just a dumbass assumption on my end.

on the other issue I am dealing with as I said CT was apparently all good…going to try to be sent out to a Orthopedic specialist…been trying to get help for two years getting tired of it all…maybe I should get the shot,help my outlook on life in the meantime.
I’m just too damn indecisive…lack of T…probably.

I do appreciate the help and contributions.Thanks for taking the time to swing by my thread.
Will update when/if I get the shot or something positive happens in the other aspects of my health.