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25 Years Old, 5'10 and 220 lbs


Hey all, here are some pics of me, i am 25, 5'10 and weigh 219 lbs. Critique greatly appreciated! i am currently cutting

Had a torn right distal biceps tendon and subsequent surgery doing heavy deadlifts (approx 565 lbs) back in late September. Still gaining size back on my right bicep, and somewhat weaker on all moves with my right side so i primarily am only training with dumbells now and hammer strength machines to maximize each side of my body

current stats: 5'10, 220, 33.75 waist, left arm: 19 inches, right arm: 17.5 inches, 26.5 quads, 48 chest, 15.75 calves

current lifts: bench press 275x6 (pre injury i could do 365x7),

Not doing deadlifts yet (pre injury i could do 540x4 solid reps)- do you guys think i should start these again? i am freaked outta my mind about deadlifts now- and the 1-arm overhand 1-arm underhand grip was what tore the tendon. SNAP!

405x10-12 smith machine squat (i do not do barbell squats as it tends to hurt my back)- always have been somewhat behind on calves and legs

curls: left arm dumbell curl 60x12 (perfect form), right arm 35x14


front double bi photo...you can see the difference in my right bicep.


need more pics to rate, but so far looking very good.






back pic


Quite dense. You would look nasty after a successful cut.


Very solid - definitely better than the current rating of 4.5.
Too bad we can't judge your lats.

Good luck with your cut.


The difference between the bi's may not be as bad as you think, i can barely tell the difference. Might be just a good angle but still a good set of arms


I'd say bench, over-powered-front-shoulders, disease here. I'd work on your back and the rest of your shoulders if I were you. Along with stretching the pecs strenuously. I can't even really pick anything else out though, super impressive. You look like the type that just came out of the womb a big mother fucker though, huh? Lol more power to you.