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25 Years Ago...


...I was birthed into this world. That is all.


OK, 25 years ago was 1987 right?

I was in grade 8 and I know that by January of 1987 I'd seen Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home about 4 times by then.

Other than that I wasn't doing much. I think Mewhart was what I watched every Monday night. Really...not much more than that.


I lost the big V in 1987 good times, good times.


^^ But we're the same age!

I feel sad now.


1987? Shit, my parents got married then.


I started school early and was in HS in the fall of 1987.



And that turns on the ladies more than Star Trek??!??!?


Was playing HS Football in Texas and I kept my Star Wars fanboy and reading tons of book a secret.

Plus I rocked a mullet :slightly_smiling:


Understood buddy.

But wow...14?!?


'87...I was a member of the Boys Club (Now known as the "Boys & Girls Club), in Bklyn, NY. I also took on a Cadillac...and won. It hits hard when moving fast, however, it wasn't enough to keep me down.


Yes not something I am proud of Nards, when you are the youngest guy in your class you know, you are competing with all the other guys.


But it wasn't with one of the other guys right?


Lol nope a little Mexican girl a few years older than me.


Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I know you didn't...but since it's the 90s I have to add that it's OK that that may be some people's life choice thing.


I didn't lose mine till I was 18 and felt old by then. I think it can't do anything but help to lose your virginity earlier.


Lol...another thing we have in common. nudge nudge wink wink

1987? Freshman year of high school at Arts Magnet in Dallas. The year I found skateboarding, punk rock and mary jane.

Happy Birthday Jase!


gotta disagree. I was a lot more mature than my classmates and friends in high school, as I was not running around all day looking to beat some guts. I didn't lose my V-Card until a seduction took place just before my 19th birthday.


Did she have a big bootay?


I also like how getting laid beats getting born...everybody have fun tonight!


I was in kindergarten, I think. Unless you have to be five before you start. Then I was in 4 year old pre-school class where I got my first kiss at recess.

Meredith came over after school to be babysat and I tried my darndest to impress her with swing set tricks, the fact I could ride my bike with no training wheels (dad, the loveable guy he was, would set me up at the top of the driveway and push. I learned early and quickly to avoid concrete and high rates of speed) and how high I could climb the backyard tree, none of which she cared about to my surprise and wounded pride.

I got her to play "wedding" knowing there would be a kiss at the end and it worked like a charm. She was kinda boring after that though, wanted to play dolls and stuff. I assume that's what she did most afternoons while I rode my bike around the cul-de-sac and climbed trees.