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25 Year Old Test Level - Advice


Sorry if this is the wrong section for this. Was referred here to being the best place for testosterone advice. Any help is appreciated!

I'm 25 years old and finally had a test done a few days ago after suspecting Low Test. I just always have low energy and have literally had almost no libido since I was probably 21. Fully functional, but no desire what so ever most of the time. I have also tried to bulk up in the past, and even lifting 5-6 days a week with a 200-500 cal surplus didn't result in much weight gain, and when I did gain it was 90% fat it seemed.

Right now I lift about 3 times per week. I eat at calorie maintenance, and eat a very healthy diet. No sugar, no fast food, no alcohol. I get a healthy mixture of Fats, Carbs, and Protein. I am also pretty fit and only 11-12% body fat.

Here are my levels:

424 (Level)
250-1100 ng/dL (Range)

62.3 (Level)
35.0-155.0 pg/mL (Range)


Your low-T is a symptom, not the disease. You now need to track down the cause.

Labs: [you could skip TT, FT but those might be in a panel that is priced right]
LH/FSH <<<<<<<<<<< very important
fasting cholesterol - might be too low [<160, 180 is ideal]
fasting glucose
fT4 [please not T3, T4]

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Do you get cold easily?
Do you use iodized salt? [time line]

We do see a lot of guys at your age with low or lower T levels.

You need ample health fats in your diet and cholesterol.

Low energy always or since 21?


I just had all the thyroid tests done about 2 months ago. They never showed me a copy and just said I was “fine”. I don’t have medical insurance so they were just cheap discount type doctors… I will have my medical kick in once September hits and should be able to get the tests you mentioned done. As for getting cold easily, I am usually the hottest or coldest person in the room and that’s how I have always been. Usually hot though, not cold. I would say my lack of energy has been going on since at least 21 but maybe even since 19-20. The lack of complete libido also started around 20-21. I’m not shy what so ever but usually do not approach women because I simply have no desire to try to get at them… and my energy is usually to low anyways. I would love to see how I would feel if I surpassed the 700 mark… I really think Low T is having a huge negative impact on my life.