25 Year Old Suffering Side Effects Most Likely from Deca Use

Hi guys, i’m a 25 year old male who stopped using steroids a year and a half ago. I did 2 cycles, my first consisted of 500mg/week Test Enanthate and 50mg/day Dbol for 12 weeks and 4 weeks respectively, then I did PCT and recovered fine with no issues. However I did a second cycle of Test Enanthate 500mg/week and Deca 300mg/week and a few weeks into the cycle i began to get sore nipples and nipple discharge and my libido plumeted and I had severe ED. I used nolva and caber for the next couple of weeks while i was tapering off the cycle, to help combat the issues but this had no effect. I tapered off the cycle over the course of a month and began PCT which lasted a month. It has been a year and a half since that cycle and I still have no libido, depression and ED. I have got my bloods done with an endocrinologist but he says everything is fine and it’s all in my head which i know is not the case. I’m really starting to get worried about whether it well ever come back. I am not stressed from work or life, I eat clean and make sure i take multivitamins and Omega 3 and make sure i get 8 hours of sleep every night. I would like to know what you guys think about my labs and if you have any advice on what I can do to recover, thank you.

Your lh and fsh are super low.
I’m no expert at this and experiencing the same shit myself right now.

How is the size of your testicles? If atrophied, I’d do HCG for 4 weeks to plump them up.
If they appear normal size, I recommend doing another PCT to bring up your LH/FSH. Avoid Clomid. I recommend Toremifene 1/4 tab every 3-4 days x4 weeks. Or, Tamoxifen 10mg EOD x4 weeks. Get a prescription for it.

I also highly recommend you do a 24-Hour Saliva cortisol test. Blood cortisol measures bound cortisol and is not an accurate value. Saliva measures the free cortisol and very helpful.
Also, do infrared sauna for 30-40 minutes twice per week for several weeks to help excrete the Nandrolone metabolites faster.

Get the cortisol test prior to initiating the sauna. Make sure it is infrared sauna. It penetrates the skin and not the same for detox as standard steam sauna.

Hey I just bought that cortisol test myself. Waiting for it to arrive. Let’s say it does show high, what is the treatment plan?

High cortisol is much easier to deal with. In his case and your case it is more likely to be low cortisol. The root cause must be addressed to fix the adrenal dysfunction. This varies depending on the person and what led to it and how long it has gone one for.

Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs are very helpful to support the body. Panax Ginseng helps the body produce cortisol for example for those with low cortisol ouput. There are several other herbs as well. But, again the root cause must be fixed or you will never get better. Stress, trauma, injury, etc. For many the issue is caused by poor gut health. Antibiotics taken in the past have destroyed people’s microbiomes by wiping out entire strains of healthy bacteria. Good bacteria are required for the Gut-Brain Axis to function. When this begins to fail, cortisol CANNOT be produced as the gut/brain are no longer able to signal. It is extremely complex and I can’t possibly explain it, but this is the root problem for many. Probiotics aren’t effective once the gut flora has been severely altered because probiotics are transient. I know people don’t want to hear this, but it is the truth. Science has discovered that by transplanting the bacteria from a healthy person into a person with a poor microbiome they can be cured. These are known as Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMTs). These are done at home because the US only allows physicians to do it in office/hospital for C. Dif infected patients. It’s done via retention enema by simply taking the stool from a healthy stool donor. 10 days in a row is what is recommended to reset the patient’s microbiome to that of the healthy donor’s.

Antibiotics are destructive and this can happen to anybody, even after a single round of antibiotics. Genetics, diet, stress, etc. make it worse. Steroids also suppress the immune system which also makes this problem worse as bacteria/fungi/etc proliferate more under those conditions.

-Genova Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) to get your microbiome tested to see your status
-Work with a Naturopath to get this test ordered

How do you know the cause of the problem is adrenal dysfunction, are there any more tests i can do to prove that?

Thankyou for your reply. yest my testicles are slightly atrophied but i have been taking another round of PCT as you reccomended and have not been seeing any improvements even though i have been on PCT for 3 weeks. I do also take Tamoxifen as you suggested at 10mg ED. Are you sure my libido issues could be because of cortisol. Why did my libido tank on cycle even with all that gear in me as well, sorry if that sounds ignorant but i’m just confused.

Bump. Can anyone who has also suffered similar side effects whilst using a nandrolone like Deca or Tren explain why they have suffered similar side effects and how they got over it. One of the only other posts i’ve found is this one: 22 Year Old Considering TRT After Steroid Abuse - #31 by andoc96

My libido was high on cycle and tanked about 2 months post
No random boners at all

Have you been able to fix this? What do your bloods look like?

All of my blood are pretty much in range. I last time when I did bloodwork test was at 380 total

Ran a week of clomid but I was a emotional bitch and quit. Checked my e2 during clomid run and was at 45

I will give it another 2 weeks and do more bloods

What’s your bf%? An estrogen rebound and sudden increase of bf, lowered T and again more fat tissue to convert your T into estrogens is what often causes such endocrine failure in men. It’s not a catch 22 situation. But you may need to get leaner first. Are you prone to depression or seasonally affected mood changes? Spend a lot of time in the sun, even train outside if you can (sunlight increases T, I’m not joking).

How long does estrogen rebound last???