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25 Y/O with Low T and High Prolactin, Help?


Hi, I’ll start with my symptoms:
Low energy ( also intolerance to excersise, if i try to workout for the next couple days I’m paralysed with fatigue)


Erectile issues

Feeling the cold easily ( although I always have done)

I also have a lot of fat around my abs, love handle area and thighs. Which I never used to have even if I wasn’t working out, I’ve always naturally been muscular and lean.

My blood work:

Serum total 25-oh vit d 84 (75-200)
Serum albumin 45 (35-50)
Testosterone 16.2 (8-26.1)
Free test 0.335 (0.17-0.59
Sex hormone binding glob 34.9 (17.3-65.8)
Prolactin 596 (45-375)
Ferritin 60 (15-300)
Oestradiol 100 (0-145)
Cortisol 758 (140-690)
Tsh 2.1 (0.35-5)
Creatinine 108 (64-104)
Urea 9.4 (2.5-7.8)
Gfr >60 (60-99)

The doctor said creatinine and urea were probably high from supplements, I think I was using creatine at the time.

I’ve tried a high dose of iodine as suggested by ksman and this didn’t ease any of my symptoms. I’ve also checked morning and afternoon body temps which were ok but I will do them again.

The doctors/endo won’t help me out because they say prolactin isnt high enough to be a prolactinoma and I look fit and healthy.

Any help is much appreciated!

Edit: I was wondering if overtraining could be the cause as the doctor said prolactin can act like a stress hormone and excessive excersise could increase prolactin. Especially as cortisol was high as well.


What does it mean body temps are ok? You have a very serious problem with doctors in your country, how a doctor can determine that prolactin isn’t high enough simply by looking fit and healthy is absurd! I lot of maybes and probably without much investigating which has more to do with your state healthcare system being a bad joke.

The reality is budget, state healthcare system are horribly underfunded and the reality is you need to go private or things will not change. Labs cost money and you’re missing all thyroid hormone testing, they are prioritizing who really needs treatment.

Cortisol levels are high, prolactin is high, , vit D is low, TSH is high, and they believe you’re fine. Dear lord these doctors sound completely incompetent and uncaring. You need to keep at it until you find a doctor that will listen.


I can’t remember the temps exactly but morning was over 97.7 and afternoon was over 98.6 but I shall be checking them again tomorrow.

Yeah I realise underfunding the NHS in my country is a problem which is why I’m on here trying to get some advice! I’m going to go back to the doctors soon he said he could refer me to the endo again if i wanted, but I don’t know what to ask when I’m there? Demand an MRI to check for pituitary tumor? Ask if I can try caber? I don’t know where to start.

I’d love to go private but I can’t justify the cost at the moment.


Also I’ve tried a vitamin d supplement before but they make me feel really depressed and sleepy


@KSman any ideas where I should go from here?

I’ve tried a high dose of iodine in the past which didn’t ease my symptoms. My body temps this morning was 97.5 f which is a bit low? Will check again mid afternoon.

I’m thinking of asking for some more blood tests to get some more recent levels, what should I ask to be tested for?

Appreciate any help


97.5 when waking up is perfect. temps in early mid afternoon should be close to 98.6

edit. you can test TSH, free t3 and free t4. reverse t3.


Ok, just did my afternoon temp though which is also 97.5 although I am a bit late today. It was taken at 4:30 pm


Anyone else have any ideas?