25 Y/O, Test Results and Prescribed Protocol Questions

Hi gang,

First off thanks to all the regular contributors; researching my issues on this site helped me be more informed when it came to pushing back against my doctors.

These are my latest test results and are roughly the same as my results over the last 9 months:

Testosterone 287.9 ng/dL

Free Testosterone 5.49 ng/dL

SHBG 34.73 nmol/L

Estradiol 33.6 pg/mL

Progesterone 0.33 ng/mL

Cortisol 7.18 mcg/dL

Total T3 104.36

Total T4 9.69 mcg/dL

DHEA-S 270.34 ug/dL

PSA 0.72 ng/mL

Update: got LH and FSH results back:
**LH: 4.8 mIU/mL
**FSH: 4.7 mIU/mL

I’ve had two physicals in the last year with no physical abnormalities noted.

Symptoms are lack of energy and focus, nonexistent libido, ED, poor sleep, trouble with muscle gain and more fat retention than I’m used to going back a year.

I’m an active guy, I lift heavy 3x/week and hike or do other moderate cardio most off days. I use iodized salt, take a ZMA and a normal men’s multivitamin.

Finally got a prescribed protocol from my doc using info from here. It isn’t perfect but it’s adaptable to the protocol guide.

Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml + Anastrozole 1mg/1ml, 0.3ml twice per week

HCG 5000iu/100mg Theanine, 0.3ml twice per week

Does anyone more experienced see issues here? I will probably aim for EOD dosing and split accordingly. I appreciate any wisdom from y’all.


It’s a reasonable start, you may end up needing more than 120mg/week. You may be fine with once a week dosing. DHEA may help.