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25 Y/O or Younger & Considering AAS


If you are 25 years of age or younger and considering using Anabolic Androgenic steroids for the first time, this article is specifically designed for you.

Before I begin, let me say this write up is not to persuade you to use or not use steroids, but assist you to properly weigh the risk to reward ratio when tampering with the endocrine system at an age where it isn’t fully developed. This post hardly scratches the surface but will give a decent baseline of info.

First and foremost I will say this, your progress on AAS has A LOT to do with how far you’ve progressed naturally. The biggest mistake I see is young guys who are no where near their natural potential diving right into wanting to use AAS to gain size when they don’t even know how to eat sleep and train yet. Train as long as you can NATURALLY. And no 2 years of natural training is not a long time. if you start training competitively at 15 (squatting benching deadlifting dieting competing in powerlifting or bodybuilding) you shouldn’t even be considering AAS until you are 25 at the bare minimum. A perfect analogy is thinking of your body as a car and AAS as nitrous oxide. Are you going to put a 300 shot of nitrous on a Honda Civic and possibly cause more harm than good to be able to run with the big dogs?? no that’s ridiculous. Get a v8 Camaro and throw a conservative 75 shot on it to be the baddest dude. You should hit a dozen major plateus over a series of years before you jump to thinking you need AAS to make gains. Guys today hit 1 wall and immediately give up and run to the nearest pharmacy for help. Get your ass back in the kitchen, get some new workouts, and try again. AAS use is for men, not kids who don’t know how to force feed 8 meals until the vomit and then squat until they vomit and pass out. If you don’t know how to eat and train intense then forget AAS all together. On to my next point…

The male body under the age of 25 has not been hard wired yet. MEANING…
It is in a perfect delicate balance and is not ready to be tampered with. Using AAS at that age is like taking the brand new 400hp engine with a warranty out of your car and dropping in a 450hp motor you built yourself. Lot of risk and not a lot of reward. From personal experience as well as being in the powerlifting industry for years, I found a common denominator between a dozen close friends that have had mental issues, depression, committed suicide or were not very well mentally after use of AAS and they all started around the same 20-22 age bracket. The body is not developed yet, you’re setting yourself up for life long struggles that you DO NOT want. This is a serious issue that is not addressed and people truly don’t understand that there are absolutely consequences to using AAS too young. A grown man over 30 years old can do whatever he wants and suffer minimal consequences if any. This is not the case with kids and younger undeveloped bodies.

Now if that last paragraph sounded like scare tactics I will certainly say thousands of guys have used AAS and had fantastic success, minimal consequences and it worked out excellent for them. However most of those guys I’ve seen didn’t even think about AAS until 29-30 years old and had a decade or more of serious competitive training under their belts. I have only met a miniscule amount of guys who started taking hormones at the age of 19-20 and didn’t find themselves stuck on it for the rest of their lives due to not being able to fully recover natural levels after use.

The bro science online mixed with ignorant kids reading this stuff like its medical documentation is probably the most disturbing part of the situation. If you want to understand AAS use and the FACTS, purchase William Llewellyn’s ANABOLICS and read it cover to cover before even touching any AAS.
Now onto my next biggest pet peeve. Online cycle advice. There is a graduation process involved if one wishes to decide to use AAS and also not burn out their body in a matter of use from stupidity. Small doses with basic compounds. The anabolics book does a great job of going in depth on that.

Lastly! If you aren’t planning on incorporating it in the rest of your life don’t start it. Its got some great ups and some really messed up downs. Having low T permanently and needing to be on testosterone for the rest of your life is one of them. Or getting erectile dysfunction and depression/anxiety from low T. These are real consequences. Educate yourselves and figure out if having an extra inch on your biceps is worth disrupting the physiology of your body.
If you made it this far thanks for listening, and best of luck-