25 Y/O, Need Advice for When I See My Endo (Update Labs now included)

First off, sorry I don’t have my lab results I didn’t think to ask for them from my GP, but I do remember that my total T came in around 3 and my serum levels were somewhere in the 200’s. From what I can gather that’s pretty bloody awful for a 25 year old, and my GP seemed to be quite shocked!

Anyway I’ve finally got to see an Endo in two days time (NHS) and I’m hopeful to get some advice on what to say/expect. I know they’ll want to find out if its primary or secondary (as do I!) but I’m hoping they’ll be okay putting me on injections ASAP.

I do know one thing, and that’s that I do not want to use the gel. I recently went through some pretty horrendous abdominal surgery and about a year of recovery to get off taking meds every day for the rest of my life, and I’m not about to start that again. Also my other half has PCOS, and I’m not too keen on the idea of her absorbing any of that crap off of me!

That said, fertility is on my mind, but with my OH having her ovary issues she’s already got priority for IVF when the time comes, and I don’t mind coming off for a bit if necessary. I am aware that I could possibly never have a child, but if that’s the trade off for not feeling this awful then its a price I’m willing to pay.

Sorry if this is a bit disjointed but my thought process and concentration are foggy at the best of times (looking forward to getting rid of that!) but basically I was hoping for any advice from any guys from the UK.

Do you think my request to not use gel is reasonable? Do I get a choice in the method in which my treatment is developed? Nebido or Sutanon are both fine by me, my OH and I are both psychiatric nurses so self admin will not be an issue.

Cheers guys!

If you dont want to use the gel then dont use it. From what I’ve read and heard most people do better when they inject.

It isn’t just a case of not wanting to, but from what I’ve read about the nightmares people have had getting injections I’m worried they might say no!

If you are 25 and concerned about fertility you should really consider taking a SERM and an AI.

Read the stickies, especially the one on HPTA restart.

You should get your lab work and post it, you need to determine if you are primary or secondary hypogonadism.

So I saw the consultant today, diagnosis is probably a pituitary tumour. Bad news is this is the NHS and the MRI and bloods won’t all be done til the end of August. Quite frankly I’m distraught and can’t face another three months of this so I’m going private. It will break the bank but what do you need money for when you have no life cos of an illness?

I managed to get a print out of my lab work - they missed out prolactin and cortisol for some reason but what they did test is quite shocking.

Serum LH: - 1iu/L
Serum FSH - 1.2iu/L
Serum T: - 3.7nmol
44CD - 33nmol/L

Calculated Free T: 64.9 pmol/L
Serum Albumin 48g/L

I can’t actually believe how bad it is, no wonder I’ve been barely functioning!

So if its a tumour what’s my best bet, life long TRT?

I don’t quite know what I’m feeling right now.

An MRI without a prolactin test?

Seems fishy.

The prolactin test and a full panel are to go alongside the MRI. There’s nothing fishy about this buddy, the NHS do their damn job.

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RE your OH: Are you aware of the connection between PCOS and thyroid? Progesterone might help as well. Progesterone cream works well. Avoid fake progesterones aka progestins.

You need to post lab ranges!