25 Y/O Interested in TRT

Just got my blood work back and I found out I have a total testosterone of 327…Which is terrible. So I talked to my dad and he recommended his friend who’s a urologist so I can get on test cyp possibly. I was always curious as to what my T was and I was kind of shocked to find it to be that low. I am in pretty good shape and I have no problem getting an erection. Also I am going to start lexapro for anxiety issues I have.

In a way I am kind of excited that my T levels are low because I have always wanted to cycle. How well is the cypionate going to help in the gym? Also I am going to make sure to bring up HCG and adex to the doctor when I go see him.

Without any details here about you, cannot properly reply.

Read the advice for new guys sticky.
Read the thyroid basics sticky, check body temps. Using iodized salt? -you should be

Many TRT guys get put on SSRI’s when the only problem is hormone related. I would encourage you to consider not doing SSRI+TRT.

SSRI will make sexual function and libido worse, guaranteed.