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25 y/o, Have Low T

hey everyone, just have a few questions. a few months ago i went to the doctors to get my blood work done i came back low T. my levels were at 152 this is extremely low. i have recently over the past month used OTC meds to hopefully bring levels up. i feel as if they have helped. im currently taking magnesium zinc, fish oil , vitamin c, vitamin d3, probiotics, fertilaid
currently me and my wife have been trying to have children. thats why i didnt consider TRT at first but now she is 8 weeks pregnant. which is amazing because i honestly thought i was going to have an issue. thanks in advance for any information

Can you provide all blood work?

Congratulations on baby coming!

How do you feel? And low t symptoms?

In addition to what has already been said, I will tell you that you won’t boost your T with those methods by very much. That being said those are good things to continue taking anyway for a variety of reasons.

when I get home I can provide that information

I feel a ton better with the OTC but I know it will not be enough to make a dramatic change in the low T

also when I was younger I have use test E test C which is prob why my levels are so low now. I haven’t taken anything in about 2 years

and symptoms were gaining weight, tired all the time, low libido. current after i found out my levels I made a lot of changes in my life eating better not much alc. OTC as provided above. I also do very heavy lifting again and I als squat and do legs 3 times a week to help boost levels. also im in the gym 6 days a week

Take new labs. After the changes you made. Like this you will make a confident decision on how to proceed.

Total t
Free t
Metabolic panel
Thyroid panel

I’ll give that a shot thanks.

If you find you are unable to get the wife pregnant while on TRT in the future, injecting FSH can dramatically increase sperm production. A lot of doctors seem to instead to direct men to stop TRT in order to achieve fertility without regard for the patients health and wellbeing and I believe is barbaric.

Congratulations on getting the wife pregnant.

Thank you and I’ll look more into that fsh. Current my LH and FSH levels are normal.