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25 Y/O Coming Off My First Physique Competition!


Top photo I am second from the left at about 19 and 165 pounds. I competed this past March at around 130 about 6 years after the top photograph!


great work! at least to my untrained eye, you look like you have really good lines for physique. awesome v taper. small waist. proportions are good. obviously valves could use work.


Thank you so much! I’m a bit of a noob to the slang “valves”?


it’s what happens when you misspell calves… sorry lol


haha nice! yes my calves are a weak spot for sure. Going to tighten up a bit more for a show on May 6th then take some time to add some quality size and really focus and building up my legs. Even If I never compete in bodybuilding I want to even out a bit. Appreciate the compliment! Worked my ass off to get into relatively decent shape


Holy lats! How many Pullups do u do a week for those bad boys!?

How did the comp go for you?


Thank you for the compliment! Came in first and earned a pro card in the ANBF which is a natural bodybuilding organization. I do love to do pull-ups :muscle:t3:


great organization. Congrats on that.