25 Y/O - 8 weeks into TRT. AI Added to protocol. Updates below

yea its really unfortunate man. Did you start off with an AI or did he wait until your e2 increased to prescribe? one?

Yes, started out on an AI and then increased the dosage when the numbers were higher than we wanted.

Our doctors refuse AI’s when we present with high E2 symptoms and suggest coming off TRT altogether. The reasons has to do with there are no guidelines for E2 management and doctors can’t agree where health mens E2 should be, in the absence of guidelines doctor prefer to do nothing at all for fear of getting in trouble.

I’ll never look at a doctor quite the same again and will wonder if my doctor is satisfying insurance companies/pharma when saying everything is normal and fine. Thank god for the internet because now they can’t get away with it when we are informed.

Doctors learn nothing about TRT in medical school, they only learn in practice.

What were your levels pre? For e2

So pre TRT I was using a natural test booster—to see if there was any actual value in them—and it had arimistane in the blend. So my e2 was low, 11, when I had blood work done. 10 weeks later, after 200mg/wk of test c my e2 was 44. 10 weeks after that, with an increased dose of Adex, it was back down to 33. I feel significantly better when I’m in that range. It was miserable when it was low and almost as miserable when it was high.

The only value in test boosters is the value these companies scam out of you, the ingredients are known to increase T but not in the mgs their providing you. You want a natural test booster, watch porn as this is proven to increase T levels or go to the gym and lift weights.

okay interesting . I believe mine is 32.9 ATM and starting Test td so im curious if ill need it in 4 weeks when bloods are drawn. Im assuming yes. thanks for feedback

Usually when a guy starts TRT he will have his blood drawn 4-6 weeks later, most guys feel good in the 600-800 ranges. E2 range should be kept within 20-30 pg/ml. AI should be taken at time of injection.


@systemlord @KSman thoughts??

any updates dossy? have you figured out the cause or anything of your ongoing medical concerns?

Have been on AI for 2 weeks now ! .25 mon thurs with injection!

Only update I have is that I went to my urologist and basically asked him to check me out for a varicocele and he refused. He told me my labs were bad for my age but there is nothing he could do right now. He told me to come back in 6 months. Go figure. Are you on trt now and how are you feeling?

really, how can he refuse that ? … I have been feeling better but I started my AI i think I have my e2 too low now , I’m waiting on bloodwork this week though.

He basically said that since I’m so young that there should be no issues with my testicles. Probably time to find a new urologist. What is your protocol?

So all the doctor has to do is look at your age to determine your testicles are fine, great no need to come into the office. This doctor doesn’t take life seriously. Amazing lack of concern.

No kidding. I told him I was concerned about having a varicocele due to pain and he laughed and said that Im young and should be fine. He then proceeded to call me two days later and said to come back and see him in 6 months.

" You want a natural test booster, watch porn as this is proven to increase T levels "

Thats pretty bad advice and please stop spreading it as it is proven in several studies to decrease testosterone along with several hormones ON THE LONG RUN, causing ed issues and lots of others.
research: your brain on porn

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Could not log back in to my original account. Updates though been over a year! I was looking for some recommendations to fine tune my protocol.

Currently on:
100mg/week test
50mg test mon a.m + Thurs p.m

300iu mon/wed /Fri sub q

. 25 Tues and Fri mornings. Day after test injection.

How does this sound?

E2 is still a pain to control and have recently changed AI to morning after test injection to see if that helps.

Doc wants me on 400 iu 3x/week of HCG but I feel pretty irritabile and bloated.

If estrogen is still proving to be a problem, then inject smaller more frequent doses.