25 with Low T Looking for Advice

No reason to go with undecanoate when enanthate is available, the undecanoate has a longer half-life and reaching a steady states take longer.

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How are you 5’8 and only weigh 140 lbs but have a pot belly? That’s seems like starvation weight to me. I understand the “low T = less muscle mass” argument but there’s something else going on that I don’t think you’ve mentioned. Have you had any eating issues previously? I’m not talking down to you just concerned and curious. Borderline starvation can definitely plummet testosterone levels.

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It’s cool man. Am here to learn how to better take care of my body. I appreciate all the time people have given to me.

Three years ago, which I earlier mentioned was an especially stressful phase. I wasn’t eating enough for almost the entire year. I didn’t have eating disorders. I would grab a light breakfast, skip lunch and then eat dinner. My TDEE is around 1800 calories. I consistently ate 500-600 below for a week or two, then have good meals for a few of days and then go right back to caloric deficit. This went on for like one whole year.

Since, I have gradually improved and have been eating well. Even when I wasn’t monitoring my diet, I wasn’t starving for the last 2.5-3 years at least.

Yeah you don’t look sickly or starving. The good news is you have a frame that will show every ounce of muscle you put on. You should be able to gain some mass quickly if you gradually increase your food intake. Even 10 lbs of lean mass would likely make you unrecognizable to those around you.


@dextermorgan You make a very good point sir. 10lbs on smaller frames makes a world of difference especially if you recomp a bit at the same time.

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Likely won’t work.

I tried using the search function to find relevant posts but couldn’t. Apologies if am asking a very common question.

I injected 0.7ml/70mg testosterone enanthate yesterday. Injected subq using 26G 1/2 inch at 45 degree angle in my upper external thigh region.

Went well. It has been 24 hours, and if I press around the injection site with my fingers I get a very mild pain. What’s worse is that if I press the injection site, it triggers itching. For the next 3-4 minutes it itches so much I feel like clawing at my skin. It completely goes away after that.

Just to clarify, it doesn’t hurt enough to be uncomfortable. It’s just something you are able to notice, sometimes even when muscles flexes.

Is this normal? Am I being paranoid for no reason? Lol

EDIT: roughly 24 hours since injection

Yes. Yes.

Think about it. You just stuck a half inch needle into your body - piercing through tissue, fat and maybe muscle. After you put the needle in, you squirted an oily liquid into the area at the end of the needle.

I’m sure there is bound to be a little irritation and adjustment from your body. It will get better.

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SubQ always made me itch. I never loved it because of that

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I would advise first to use for injecting anestetic alcohol and second after you pull out the needle to press first with the spirits tampon and then with finger on the injection site hard for at least a minute

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I feel like something got lost in translation here, lol

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I sure hope so

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Haha I meant the piece of cotton with alcohol that you put on your skin dont know how it is in English and on my language is called tampon as well haha

I do use an alcohol swab and then put a round band-aid on the injection spot which I remove after 30 minutes.

Inject after shower and before putting on new clothes so the old clothes don’t get any germs into my injection site.

Am a germaphobe and deathly afraid of infections so I worry about anything and everything I touch during injections.

Yep. I have already begun injecting testosterone since my total T dropped below 100ng/dL. Can’t live like this.

We just called it an alcohol swab or something like that. Tampon is for blood of a different type :grimacing:

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Haha got it
So to get my point without tampons - putting anestetic alcohol on the swab works great for me with pressing

With the omnadren ester I use everybody gets swellings or reds I havent the first three injections