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25 Rep Squat Motivation

did my squat workout (backsquat)

60 x 20 warm up
100 kg (220 lbs) x 10
140 kg (315lbs) x 5
140 kg (315lbs) x 5
150 kg (337 lbs) x 3
160 kg (360 lbs) x 2

was going to call it a day and then decided to try a 20 rep set.

Put on 100kg (220lbs), and some how did 25 reps, and it nearly killed me.

took 5, then I got a real burst of motivation and went and did another set, was almost going to stop at 15, but kept going to do another 25. i fell on the ground after it and almost banged my head hard on an ez bar.

Legs feel like jelly today but it was one hell of a workout

it wasnt the heaviest of weights but it was for me a good workout, I only expected to maybe get 20 reps and then be completely exhausted but somehow got up to face it again. I love squats!!!

Do them or else.

haha high rep squats are so great A2G (im sure u did these) i dont think u choose that light of a weight for after all heavy sets… good work i might do some today or tomorrow but i have a game monday… so ill do it today i decided:)

I also had a motivation burst a while ago. I saw a video of a skinny Ken Leistner doing 180kg/396lbs x 20 reps in the squat, and decided I could be no worse, so I went down in the basement and gave it all with 172.5kg/380lbs. I got 19 reps, and it was the best squat set I’ve ever done. Next goal is to get 180kg/396lbs x 20, but I’ve only done 12 reps so far. Someday I will get it!


I can relate to what you say. Squats are great!

Stallion, superb set! This is big weight, IMO and, the depth was excellent. Even your pauses late in the set were not too long. Not too many who could do this.

I feel very weak all of a sudden… good squats though stallion and good video for proof as well, respect

Yes, imagine if there was some kind of competition were you did all out sets of squats, and could live off it. Lol… in my dreams… Thank you for the comments. Regarding the level of strength…

I have been training with weights for about 9 years. And I have ALWAYS loved to work my legs hard. Irishpowerhouse… when I started out I did about 80-90kg squat for 1RM.

Today my priorities is not only training, but also getting an academic career.

irishpowerhouse: With time and patience, and a lot of hard work, it is possible for you to reach the same level of strength.

Scipio: It was very brutal, and honestly I had planned to squat the next day as well, but when the next day arrived, I only did a few light sets. My body felt completely “fried”, I really gave it all, and there was nothing left in this set.

It was a great experience, for the next few minutes after the set, I could no nothing but gulping for air and just lying on the floor. The legs were burning, and the lower back was in a spasm. I can tell you it is the last few reps of such a set that you really feel! It is a wonderful experience!